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  1. I uploaded the fix to the github over the weekend. You need build 177 to be sure the fix is working.
  2. The issues with Static Missions throwing errors should be resolved. I have rewritten the entire set of scripts that spawn, monitor and despawn these units to use faster coding. Let me know if you still encounter errors.
  3. Yes, that should do it.
  4. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to use the DMS notifications or a clone without permission. I'll look for the pull request. A few people have asked for that feature and if there is already a solution that would be great. If the tweaks affect code I'd very much appreciate pull requests or issue descriptions on the github. Thanks !
  5. you should be getting a kill notification - I could, I suppose add a sound in the future if you all wish one.
  6. Yes - working on that part. Please disable any static missions for now.
  7. I just pushed build 176 to the github main branch. It includes a bunch of fixes for the script errors reported here.
  8. Thank you for reporting - I just saw the same error on a test server. I'll post a fix when I have it.
  9. Thanks, I'll look into these during the week or next weekend.
  10. ok thanks, i'll do some verification on 6.90 which I just pushed to the Master and make changes as needed. EDIT: On a test server running the default configs I was able to complete the hostage and capture missions. Keep in mind you have to kill any AI in vehicles as well as infantry.
  11. That generally means there are still a few AI around. Have you checked using an admin tool? That said, it is always possible a new bug crept in there somehow.
  12. The way things are coded, the mission will only 'trigger' if a player enters the mission area (to reduce server load) and the mission will be discontinued if not triggered within a certain period so that missions that are in difficult locations are relocated to ensure players always have some choices. Once triggered, everything persists until server restart so that if it takes you a while to complete, you have plenty of opportunity. If ou put attach helis or jets at missions, be aware they may wander around a fair bit!
  13. Regarding allowing players to access mission vehicles there are a few considerations. 1. Setting blck_killEmptyAIVehicles = false; // Should unlock vehicles when all AI crew are dead. 2. There is a bug when an HC is connected that breaks this functionality. The next release will have a fix that.
  14. I stand corrected. If you look through the top of \custom_server\configs\...blck_dynamicConfigs.sqf there are arrays in which you can specify black listed items. I forgot I had that in there. I should probably move it to the main configs !