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  1. GolovaRaoul infiSTAR was the problem just needed updated thank's would of been the last thing I thought of.
  2. Hekko I've been modding now for quite some time and did have an up and running 1.0.3 server on Tanoa map. After 8 months of creating and learning the ropes and plenty of headache's lol, I decided to have a rest. Now that I've had a break was going upload my server to a proper host site instead of Local Hosting for testing so I noticed where still on 1.0.3 but the Arma Server has been updated a few times i see. Anyway to the problem Armarserver.exe just keeps rebooting Server.rpt https://pastebin.com/3QVj01mB I have updated the server files and had some issues with keys to start with as mods have been updated was easy enough I just dont know what to do now please help Have tried my tonoa pbo the original and the original Malden even.
  3. Solved Had to make another user account and password in mysql instead of using the same one as the original server
  4. sweet m8 google is you friend haha
  5. Edit Config.cpp in your mpmissions map folder find class CfgExileArsenal and scroll down to tools, under tools find class Exile_Melee_Axe uncomment if need be and set price (ie) remove // at the front. now find class CfgTraderCategories scroll down to class tools by default the axe is not there so add it in at the bottom, remember the all important , like below "ItemGPS", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemRadio", "ItemWatch", "Exile_Melee_Axe", "Exile_Item_XM8" you would do the same for anything you'd like to add like the defibrillator, normally i'd just cut the green commented out section add it to the list and remove the // at the front just make sure you do it it both sections CfgExileArsenal and CfgTraderCategories
  6. Try deleting all the .rpt files in your arma3 appdata folder C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Local\Arma 3
  7. Yeah cheers m8 but i've already done this if I change the port no server shows up however if I use 2302 it shows up. I've got my router firewall on dmz to allow all ports and even added 2312 and 2313 to my port forwarding aswell as firewall ports tcp and udp 2312 and 2313 in going and outgoing also added arma3server.exe to in and out too config https://pastebin.com/kaDkLwqA edb config https://pastebin.com/2UUB5hWC exile.ini https://pastebin.com/KN8Leuxh edb2 log https://pastebin.com/y0P430Bb autostartbat https://pastebin.com/JzS2xTua arma rpt https://pastebin.com/W2Mx76Zf server load working with 2302 https://pastebin.com/jm4XygCs thats all i could think of info for you's to maybe help cheers
  8. bump anyone got any ideas please. created a new server folder E:/ExileMalden edited server start bat for directories and changed port to 2602 edited the exile.sql to exilemalden and loaded with no errors [exile] Type = MySQL Name = exilemalden Username = JohnyBoy Password = mypassword IP = Port = 3306 minSessions = 2 idleTime = 60 ; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL compress = false ; Recommend you turn this on http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_secure-auth Secure Auth = true server start bat loads fine but game does not show up in lan connect like the other one
  9. Hi all I have a working Tanoa server using xammp on local machine using ports 2302 and 2303 with 2309 for battleye How would I go about setting up another server on the same machine I know i'd have to setup another exile folder but how do i change the ports and what ports do i use also if i setup another database do i just call it exile2 or somthing else and do i have to rename the armaserver.exe if i'm running one for tanoa all ready. Cheers John ps ive tried once before but it loads both servers up when i run armaserver.exe and the second server just wont load says waiting on connection
  10. If you'd like any help just PM me if you install teamviewer I can also show you how
  11. Edit TRADERS/CfgTraders.hpp and remove the mods you don't use "PointerAttachments", "CUPPointerAttachments", "MASPointerAttachments", "R3FPointerAttachments", "RHSPointerAttachments", "BipodAttachments", //"APEXBipodAttachments", //not used "R3FBipodAttachments", "RHSBipodAttachments", "RHSForegripAttachments", "MuzzleAttachments", "APEXMuzzleAttachments", //"HLCMuzzleAttachments", //should use NIArms "CUPMuzzleAttachments", "MASMuzzleAttachments", "NIAMuzzleAttachments", "R3FMuzzleAttachments", "RHSMuzzleAttachments", "OpticAttachments", "APEXOpticAttachments", //"HLCOpticAttachments", //should use NIArms "CUPOpticAttachments", "MASOpticAttachments", "NIAOpticAttachments", "R3FOpticAttachments", "RHSOpticAttachments", "NIAAttachments", "Ammunition", "APEXAmmunition", "GREFAmmunition", //"HLCAmmunition", //should use NIArms "CUPAmmunition", "MASAmmunition", "NIAAmmunition", "R3FAmmunition", "RHSAmmunition", "Pistols", "APEXPistols", "CUPPistols", "MASPistols", "R3FPistols", "RHSPistols", "Shotguns", "SubMachineGuns", "APEXSubMachineGuns", "CUPSubMachineGuns", "MASSubMachineGuns", "R3FSubMachineGuns", "RHSSubMachineGuns", "LightMachineGuns", "APEXLightMachineGuns", //"HLCLightMachineGuns", //should use NIArms "CUPLightMachineGuns", "MASLightMachineGuns", "NIALightMachineGuns", "R3FLightMachineGuns", "RHSLightMachineGuns", "AssaultRifles", "APEXAssaultRifles", "HAPASSAULTRIFLES", //"HLCAssaultRifles", //should use NIArms "CUPAssaultRifles", "MASAssaultRifles", "NIAAssaultRifles", "R3FAssaultRifles", "RHSAssaultRifles", "GREFWeapons", "SniperRifles", "APEXSniperRifles", "HAPSNIPERRIFLES", //"HLCSniperRifles", //should use NIArms "HWPweapons", "CUPSniperRifles", "MASSniperRifles", "NIASniperRifles", "R3FSniperRifles", "RHSSniperRifles", "SAFWeapons", "SAFAmmunition", "SAFAttachments" example above if you only use exile and rhs remove SAF, RF3, NIA, and so on. make sure the end of each line is the same at the end. "RHSSniperRifles" NOT WITH THE , like this "RHSSniperRifles", "PointerAttachments", "RHSPointerAttachments", "BipodAttachments", "RHSBipodAttachments", "RHSForegripAttachments", "MuzzleAttachments", "APEXMuzzleAttachments", "RHSMuzzleAttachments", "OpticAttachments", "APEXOpticAttachments", "RHSOpticAttachments", "Ammunition", "APEXAmmunition", "GREFAmmunition", "RHSAmmunition", "Pistols", "APEXPistols", "RHSPistols", "Shotguns", "SubMachineGuns", "APEXSubMachineGuns", "RHSSubMachineGuns", "LightMachineGuns", "APEXLightMachineGuns", "RHSLightMachineGuns", "AssaultRifles", "APEXAssaultRifles", "RHSAssaultRifles", "GREFWeapons", "SniperRifles", "APEXSniperRifles", "RHSSniperRifles"
  12. V = Vehicles and W = Weapons
  13. This post will help you understand more m8
  14. cheers m8 I've created a server which took me 4 months this time round and 6 previous failed attempts haha. Massive thanks to this website and all the Exilers that have helped time is you friend practice practice practice I just dont understand battleye filters at all I've tried and tried but it just goes pphheeewwww over the head. I won't give up lol Edited I've just thought do I use the exile be filters and merge the infistar ones in haha how dumb I've been starting with just the Infistar ones Thanks John