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  1. jjvaardt

    [SOLVED] This Is Just Stupid!

    Make sure your server is up to date, turn on automatic updates
  2. jjvaardt

    Selling From Create's

    Overwrite these to files in your mission file: Remember to change the path. ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryDropdown.sqf ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show.sqf On my server I use the crate "Exile_Container_SupplyBox" Enjoy. *Almost forgot, when i sling the crate it sets my player as the owner, don't know if that is by default or as I used advanced sling loading before sorting out the crates.
  3. jjvaardt

    Selling From Create's

    did you get a fix for this? if not then i can help
  4. thank you for this. well done
  5. jjvaardt

    Chop Wood Script directly in Vehicle

    for those struggling with it
  6. jjvaardt

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    line 130, where it says Player_Uid_Storage , just swap that with an array of your uids. Im running mine serverside with Player_Uid_Storage as a public variable
  7. jjvaardt

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    thank you for releasing this
  8. jjvaardt

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    yes it is
  9. jjvaardt

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Correct me if im wrong but you need to add this to the AVS_configuration file AVS_FillCanisterActive = True; just below AVS_RefuelSystemActive = True;
  10. jjvaardt

    [SOLVED] Viewdistance change

    btw guys. why is it that most servers use /* ViewDistance Value */ VDV = 2000;/* ObjectViewDistance */ VOV = 1800;/* ShadowViewDistance */ SVD = 50; and not something like: /* ViewDistance Value */ VDV = 2000;/* ObjectViewDistance */ VOV = -1;/* ShadowViewDistance */ SVD = -1; just asking, as it seems im the only one doing this, actually with the view distance xm8 app i set every thing to -1
  11. jjvaardt

    1.0.0 "Potato"

    use fdm and add all of the mirrors, i usually get full speed then
  12. jjvaardt

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    Sorry, fixed it yesterday, here is an updated 1 http://pastebin.com/DvEbwUjw
  13. jjvaardt

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    Yeah once again thank you, this is awesome You guys rock
  14. jjvaardt

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    try this http://pastebin.com/WQK1zecJ
  15. jjvaardt

    Crashes? Please help!

    really weird but this worked for me aswell, thank you!! funny thing is i only had to do this once, now everything works fine on every server join without alt+tabbing