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  1. Torchgodz

    [WIP] Mv22 Osprey

    So wait is this not the one included in the CUP vehicles pack?
  2. Torchgodz

    [WIP] Mv22 Osprey

    @Psycho just wanted to say i love your guys weapons units and vehicles pack i use all of them in my mod and keep up the good work.
  3. Torchgodz

    Support for cba a3

    I only have 1 issue with CBA and exile and that is the way people are spawned it using exile they dont use the addStackEventHandler like CBA uses which is a more efficient way anyways and i think the devs said they are going to change this in the code.
  4. Torchgodz

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    @Horbin in the player watch theme data you put: now the bold underlined section is set to 100 is this done on purpose cause the theme is still messed up or just a typo? Thanks for a great ai system.
  5. Torchgodz


    I really dont think this is going to be that big of an issue cause how many people do you know that are going to give up just because they have a bounty on them? The answer is NONE so unless they have a way to subdue the bounty in "less than lethal" ways i dont think this is going to be used a lot.
  6. Torchgodz

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Yea its pretty cool to go through the animations you will defiantly find some funny ones in there and laugh.
  7. Torchgodz

    Altis Mission.sqm without currupted

    Looks like it been binarized again.
  8. Torchgodz

    question about upcoming DB wipe

    When they say wipe they mean the database, but with the new files coming out you will needed to compare your old stuff and transcribe it in to the new stuff. I would not just coping and pasting as there maybe new features that you will want on the server. So to answer your question yes you can keep working.
  9. Torchgodz

    No revive

    I dont like the idea of a "Revive" function but come on lets be honest here you are not killed every time you get shot, sometimes it maybe a shot to the leg or arm or something, and if you get shot in the chest while wearing body armor your not going to die either. I do like the ACE3 medical system but i cannot find a way to over ride the health system of exile to get ACE3 working. So all in all im not for the revive function but if it would differentiate between getting hurt and getting killed that would be awesome cause you know every shot is not a kill shot.
  10. Torchgodz


  11. Torchgodz

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    @Rod Serling Awesome thanks for the answer and a great script now i can get rid of those pesky Huron ammo pods.
  12. Torchgodz

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    What settings have you changed? Maybe thats the problem
  13. Torchgodz

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    Does anyone else's pods stay where they spawn in after a server restart? Even if the player moves them they still go back to the spot that they were spawned in at.
  14. Torchgodz

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    So basically this is to account for vehicles that use weapons to make them buy the ability to rearm there vehicle? Or to have some of the weapons functionality but not all of them on a vehicle if wanted.
  15. Torchgodz

    Rocket Launchers

    Those are the classnames for the launcher and corresponding rockets, you can put them in any trader that you want to, like i have the launchers in the armory and the rockets in the specops trader.