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    Error when server shutsdown

    Thank you for your help I will try it
  2. xXLaser

    Error when server shutsdown

    With Infistar but it also happens when I close the window myself
  3. xXLaser

    Error when server shutsdown

    Every time the server shuts down to restart this comes: Its in German but i hope thats not a big porblem Big thank you to everyone who is taking some time to look at it!
  4. xXLaser


    Our Server is PVE only. It has all of the popular AI Missions installed so there is always something to do. We all vehicles from the Offroader to the T-140. Also Armed Helicopters are available for purchase. For better (or funnier) looking bases we have Extended Base Mod installed. And because sometimes is quit empty even with the Roaming AI we got Ryan's Zombies and Demons. I hope some of you will have a look. Have fun!