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  1. Tobias Solem

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    Thanks man. <3
  2. Tobias Solem

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Similar thing is happening with subs Whenever you press tow (for example on the underwater crates), the sub flies up and ends up above surface:
  3. Tobias Solem

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    I've added this to my server, but have the issue where towed RHS-vehicles end up underneath the ground when towed. Even when untowed the vehicle remains underneath the ground. Any ideas?
  4. Tobias Solem

    Creepy Night Fog for Exile

    2fps? The version earlier in this thread takes about 12-15. Yours on this page does not work.
  5. Tobias Solem

    Creepy Night Fog for Exile

    FPS:21 Because who needs client performance?
  6. Tobias Solem

    Dms bandit mission heli reinforcements

    No. Every time I tried making it work, it ... didn't. Well, I got a chopper to spawn, and troops to drop. But it would be really sketchy. Don't think that feature is working as intended, or at least it didn't when I was messing around with it.
  7. Tobias Solem

    [SOLVED] Dayz - Exile

    Actually, Enfusion engine will be better for modders, as enforce is much more powerful than SQF. I'm not that hyped though, because the DayZ-team has been saying a lot of stuff that hasn't happened, and the fact that all gameplay they showed is basically the same stuff we saw a year back, it's all just words.
  8. Tobias Solem

    Custom Loot table created. Server still uses old Loot Table

    Make sure you have added the hotfix for 1.0.3.
  9. Tobias Solem

    PUBG - Exile mod

    Something about weapon handling, graphics and overall theme of PUBG feels more like a "playful" casual game. Perhaps its all the funny hats and paraphernalia. Perhaps its all the jumping and magical barriers chasing you. It's like playing GTA. The kills are more fun and light-hearted than harsh and gritty. I wouldn't want Exile in that engine, tbh.
  10. Tobias Solem

    Strter opp exile chernarus server!

    Varför starta en till tom server när det finns 800 andra tomma?
  11. Tobias Solem

    Några som spelar?

    Yep. Bara Tanoa. För liten spelarbas för att köra fler servrar. Tyvärr. Minns gooby. Bra snubbe.
  12. Tobias Solem

    Några som spelar?

    Yes! Och hostar!
  13. Tobias Solem

    EXO server trailer

    Press L to remove the dot in the middle of the camera.
  14. You don't need a script. You just need to add the icons-line to each item-class in the mission.sqm.
  15. You can make the map markers from image files. for example: icon = "eos\markers\pancake_place.paa"; Then just upload the custom image to the path, reference the image in one of the categories, and boomshakalak, you have your own very map marker.