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  1. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Hiring Exile Developers!

    Don't mind him. He needs to use more italics, bold letters, and underlines to get his point across.
  2. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Best Rcon tool?

  3. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Automatic garage storage of destroyed vehicles

    Fun fact. You can hypothetically store a destroyed vehicle in the virtual garage. If you try to pull it back out, nothing will pop out and it will be removed from the list. To correct this, simply go into the database, set the vehicle damage from 1 to 0 and set the deleted at to null.
  4. @kuplion made some modifications and updates last year. It's still a little buggy and can be resource intensive but it works.
  5. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Infistar Ban?

    If it simply says "you were kicked off" and you don't get a glbal ban sllash screen, it's not infistar. Reverify your mods or try a different server.
  6. The Raging Kerfuffle

    New Table (Player Tracker)

    I think the issue Cloud and Monkeynutz have is he seemingly never attenpts to google the answer before asking a question. A lot of the shit he asks about is already answered elsewhere.
  7. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Helping a Friend

    You're showing your age there, frienderino. That practice is no longer recognized as of 15+ years ago, and is only applicable to a typewriter. Furthermore, that is not a grammatical practice, but a typographical one. I'll give you a B+ for effort though.
  8. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Helping a Friend

    Hey I still didn't understand this. Can you break it down big bird and cookie monster style? Please make sure to use more CAPSLOCK and bold lettering with underlines. Thanks.
  9. The Raging Kerfuffle

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    Will attest, I've bought 90% of his products.
  10. The Raging Kerfuffle

    prob with xm8

    You're hitting the wrong 6 key.
  11. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Server exile by TADST has how to do?

    Batch files are a great way to go. Using FireDaemon and BEC to schedule restarts and starts. Just don't use TADST lmao
  12. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Server exile by TADST has how to do?

    Don't use TADST.
  13. The Raging Kerfuffle

    VIEW DISTANCE There's your better solution.
  14. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Exad xm8

    Alternatively, you can just install @kuplions status bar.
  15. The Raging Kerfuffle

    Clan ID Issue - ExtDB

    The tl;dr is he is using ExtDB3 for 64bit, fucked something up somewhere in his config.cpp in the mpmission file or the customcode.cpp file for the x64 overrides, and it was trying to call ExtDB2 instead.