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  1. Is this still working? because I installed it exactly as it says and it doesn't change anything at all, server boots up and everything but if i kill myself and spawn in, i still have the normal bambi clothes and loadout, and yes i have installed it EXACTLY how it say
  2. Ya I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I am getting the same problem everyone else seems to be getting, I installed it exactly how it says and when I scroll, I get the "Perform CPR" but when I click it nothing happens?
  3. Hey everyone, I have a server that has zombies on it, I don't know if someone has done this or not but I think it would be cool that if you die from a zombie you have like a 1% chance that when you spawn in again you spawn as a zombie, kind of like they had back in ARMA 2 DAYZ. Anyone know how one would do that?
  4. I hate to disagree but, i watch the rocket take off and it goes up, turns around and goes right to where I told it to go, but when it hits the ground thats when it disappears, so the weapon guidance system works perfectly, I think it is something in exile or possibly infistar that is causing it to delete the rocket on impact so it doesn't explode.
  5. Hey everyone, I just put the RHSUSAF and ARAF pack in my server, I am trying to make a mission that used the Nuke launcher to make a mission but when it shoots the nuke in the air when it hits the ground it disappears? No explosion or anything, just poof, gone? Any ideas why it just disappears?
  6. Please excuse me for being a noob, but how do i execute it on both server and client side? The directions tell you to do that but doesn't say how to do it.. =/
  7. If you click on the "promote your server" button on A3Launcher and click "check server" button, put in the IP and check it for some reason it adds it to my A3L way faster, before whenever I added a mod it would take a day before A3L would recognize that i added a mod to my server, i could restart A3L 10 times and it still wasn't updated, but by doing the check server, it updated it almost instantly.
  8. figured out what was going on, when i booted up my server, I never updated A3Launcher telling it that I put the mod in my server, so it was launching the game without the mods i just added in....
  9. Hey so I have set this up exactly how it says word for word and it still doesn't work. My RTP keeps saying: 15:05:18 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. ryanzombies I have @Ryanzombies in my root directory, I have the parameter set to -mod=@Ryanzombies; I have put the exile.pbo in my @ExileServer/addon, I put the bikey in the key folder, the only thing I haven't done is changing my mission.sqm addons[] = {"exile_client","A3_Ui_F"}; to addons[] = {"exile_client","A3_Ui_F", "Ryanzombies","ryanzombiesfunctions"}; because when I do that my game loads and says that I do not have the downloadable content and kicks me, which I do have it..... so by leaving that part out I can at least get into the game but then the error above happens. So where did I go wrong?
  10. so does anyone have any clue why im not getting the scroll options to pick up the crates or load them in the vehicles?
  11. Redid the whole thing again from scratch and it still doesn't want to work, there is nothing in my RTP report at all about R3F. When I look at a crate that is supposed to be "movable" it just says "move, install, mount" and that's it but when i click on move it says "construction aborted". I don't even get the colored options to pick up the crate in my hands or pack the crate into a vehicle?
  12. ya i have to most recent version and no i didnt comment anything out, i literally installed it exactly how it says too and then i put the box from bigfoot shipwrecks but it doesnt work?
  13. I pack the whole mission file, (description, init, R3F, mission.sqm, etc) into Exile.Tanoa, so no I didn't pack it into a pbo then pack the mission file.
  14. So I've been trying to install this mod all day, not sure why I can't get it to work at all. I followed the instructions to a T, or so I think, and it still doesn't give me any options for picking up crates or loading them. I put the #include "R3F_LOG\desc_include.h" into the description.ext and execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; in the init.sqf and packed the whole R3F_LOG into the Exile.Tanoa mission. Did I miss something?
  15. It was merely an idea.. no need to come in and try and belittle me. I am just throwing out ideas I think that would be cool to possibly implement into the game. And I get having to work up to get the good stuff, I never once mentioned that a bambi should get a heli right off the bat did I? No, I did not, I simply said that for the people that DO end up running everywhere (like some of the people I play with that are "older players" that just flat out suck at driving and flying) maybe give them something extra to work for. As for why would you "insist on walking?" I didn't say you CAN'T accept a ride from someone, but that someone maybe isn't going to give you a ride around every day like a taxi service are they? And some servers don't have every vehicle know to the game on their server. If Exile is a "prisoner island mod" then why is the island geared to the teeth with military gear and vehicles anyways!? If this were anything like realism which its not, none of this would exist. Their lazy ass would have to walk everywhere they went and they would have to fight with a stick. Answer me this, would it really affect you that much if they did put this into the game? Because I really don't think it would. So on that note, that is your own opinion on this idea. All i said is that I think it would be a cool idea to implement something like this into the game, ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE