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  1. Does anyone on here have a stock MPmissions.pbo for this map? Exile.Napf.pbo? I've looked high and low for one and all i find are heavily modified ones with 30 traders and 50956965 items and scripts up the butt, I am just looking for a plane stock MPmission.pbo for this map, no traders, no spawnzones, nothing.
  2. Does anyone have just a plain jane Exile.Napf file? not one that has a ton of mods already on it, or one that is 5 versions outdated. Just a plain Vanilla one? I've been trying to "unmod" one of them but it wont work because im sure i have missed some file out of the 4000 files they have on it.
  3. So anyone know how to do this or teach it?
  4. I thought they said it didnt work, so I was just checking to see if this version does work or if someone else had a better working version, and does that just replace the old one anyways?
  5. I have the creepy fog on right now and it doesnt kill any frames at all for me... but i need to make it so when you leave the ground (in a heli) the fog disappears, anyone figure out how to do that?
  6. Did anyone figure out how to make it so that when your character goes 1-5 meters off the ground that the fog stops? For flying in heli/plane purposes. Because I love this script but it is a little weird when you see a heli flying over with a cloud of fog following its every direction.
  7. ya but when you do that it breaks the ships into pieces and shifts them, and then on top of that i have an aircraft trader on the carrier and i cant spawn aircrafts on the carrier because of "code 13" and I have the script that spawns it in a specific place and then when i spawn in aircrafts as the admin they spawn down on the water instead of the ship. Trust me I have tried that way and it still doesn't work
  8. I have tried to place the USS carrier and destroyer on water but every time i do it they rotate 90 degrees and sink to the bottom of the ocean =/ that happens every time I put them in the initserver.sqf the only way i have figured out how to get them to stay above water is by putting them in the mission.sqm and when I do that the ship looks like it is in pieces and you cant spawn aircrafts on them? So i need to figure out how to get both the carrier and destroyer on my map without them sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
  9. Because I would rather create mine from scratch? I know that there is ExileZ and all that but I would just prefer to learn it and do it myself and have exactly what I want, instead of close to what I want
  10. Hey does anyone know how to create a spawner from scratch? Not spawn points for players but a custom spawner for say zombies or whatever?
  11. @Z80CPU Or can I at least have a custom loot box set down at the beginning of every restart with a select bunch of weapons and gear? I've been trying to do that and it sets my FTP off like crazy when i have a "nato ammo box" set down with weapons in it
  12. Ya i tried to do that though and when i go to extract the localplayerinit and serverinit, it leaves all the OPFOR (Red guys) guys out that i have in the mission? And I want it to spawn on the same building every time ha its like Fort Knox if you can get in and survive, you will have a good chunk of loot. But ya idk i will give the map editing a go again and see if i missed something, but i have no idea how to get them ported over, it just takes all the AFF guys ("Green guys"traders, guards, etc.) and leaves the rest.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a permanent mission that stays on the map? I am trying to create an area in 3DEN that has about 40 AI and loot crates that at restart everything comes back. But when i use the Exile feature to get the serverinit, localplayerinit, and mission, all the AI (OPFOR) dont transfer over? Does anyone know how to do this?
  14. Thank you very much, i combed through that thing like crazy and missed it 60 times... thats what happens when you stare at a screen for 12 hours straight =\
  15. Description.ext FTP Honest to god all I have done is added the class and what level it sell at and the price, added what category it will sell as, and put the category under the custom trader, thats it, and this happens every single time