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  1. infiSTAR

    Players getting kicked for Not Local PlayerObject

    The client of the player created a "Logic" unit and selects it as "player" That's nothing that happens in Exile at all- unless you did modifications
  2. mh maybe if you change the "fnc_infiSTAR_handleDamage" code your fn_preInit.sqf to the following:
  3. Well you try to modify things within the Exilemod like the "handleDamage" handler, so it is really good that it doesn't work disable the infiSTAR infiSTAR_handleDamage check
  4. infiSTAR

    About infistar Global ban

    multi-account ban don't cheat don't share your account with cheaters can't be easier than that You got kicked out because you don't want to understand that we don't unban accounts that have hacked. As well as you appealed twice with that same message. Now you are here, talking the same crap- no idea what you think but if the account was cheated with, it stays banned. For obvious reasons.
  5. infiSTAR

    In game infistar keybinds resetting

    There was an issue with it, so I disabled the saving ability but will release an update today/later with the issue being fixed & then it will be working to load the settings again :)
  6. infiSTAR

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    Hey guys Rose was behind AIO and backed out of it so we never really populated it. What do you need / expect from a website like that? Just something like an rCon would do e.g. list of online players, chat and then some abilities like Kick Ban Teleport A to B remote console remote logs I could probably create something but I've for example never tried to work with maps like maca did
  7. infiSTAR

    Троян Инфистар

    Get the files from:
  8. Never tried, if you experience issues, please tell
  9. infiSTAR

    Where is Infistar??

    sorry mate since discord became bigger I've stopped being around forums pretty much even deleted mine
  10. thanks for helping him out BE filters are really a big topic, always good if you know how to deal with them
  11. infiSTAR

    View distance???

  12. infiSTAR

    View distance???

    Should have come to my discord and asked me or a support ticket or or or but it is doing what it is supposed to do, changing view distance either the general one or the object view distance however, it is not checking if the user changed it. That means if you have custom addons or for example the xm8apps app to change the view distance (or even game options) it can easily be changed by the user so if it is not doing anything for you, something else sets the viewdistance as well and probably overwrites it
  13. infiSTAR

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    black magic ^^
  14. infiSTAR

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    Hey can you send me a screenshot to explain what part you are talking about? I've updated how those ips in the license array are saved and due to that ALL saved ips cleared but also "disabled protection" which goes a long with it. Do you remember if it had your "button" to the right like this or because it should have been to the left like in the first picture