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  1. Never tried, if you experience issues, please tell
  2. infiSTAR

    Where is Infistar??

    sorry mate since discord became bigger I've stopped being around forums pretty much even deleted mine
  3. thanks for helping him out BE filters are really a big topic, always good if you know how to deal with them
  4. infiSTAR

    View distance???

  5. infiSTAR

    View distance???

    Should have come to my discord and asked me or a support ticket or or or but it is doing what it is supposed to do, changing view distance either the general one or the object view distance however, it is not checking if the user changed it. That means if you have custom addons or for example the xm8apps app to change the view distance (or even game options) it can easily be changed by the user so if it is not doing anything for you, something else sets the viewdistance as well and probably overwrites it
  6. infiSTAR

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    black magic ^^
  7. infiSTAR

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    Hey can you send me a screenshot to explain what part you are talking about? I've updated how those ips in the license array are saved and due to that ALL saved ips cleared but also "disabled protection" which goes a long with it. Do you remember if it had your "button" to the right like this or because it should have been to the left like in the first picture
  8. infiSTAR

    [SOLVED] Server crashing

    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  9. infiSTAR

    [SOLVED] Server crashing

    * I force disabled it for everyone for once now
  10. infiSTAR

    [SOLVED] Server crashing

    easiest workaround is to disable the "IP CHECK" for the license, if you don't give out the license key - nobody has it but you. so you don't really need it before it was IPv4 only Cloudflare force enabled IPv6 a week ago, added pseudo IPv4 headers (which were the "random ips" like you claled it) so I disabled that to instead have the "real" Ip again, which in that case is an ipv6 ip
  11. infiSTAR

    {SOLVED} Drone Range

    It's Exile, yes. set this: missionConfigFile >> "CfgSimulation" >> "enableDynamicSimulation" to 0. and replace this in your server \exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_thread_toggleSimulation.sqf cheers mate
  12. infiSTAR

    infiSTAR Global Bans

    If you came here to appeal an infiSTAR ban. STOP I will literally have anyone who asks for an unban here donate to the forum before anybody will respond to your appeal. I am sick of the stupid posts about "I did not hack but I was banned" "ah well I mean I did use that program from a friend that one time" "okay I will be honest, I am sorry and regret my mistake please give me a second chance" No no no guys. You will not be told why you got banned anyways. That's just how it is. Don't try to exploit / cheat on infiSTAR servers and you're fine. Some checks do run on admins as well, so if you want to cheat - don't do it on infiSTAR servers. -- Next, if you thinking to appeal - find the URL to the Discord on my website. Dare you posting anywhere else but in the discord TICKET about it. I am tired of reading the same bullshit story 10 times. If you honestly think that you got banned for wrong reasons, because you did not cheat or exploit the game, then you can obviously appeal on my Discord. All other reasons - bad luck. You got caught red handed and now have to live with it.
  13. infiSTAR

    [SOLVED] Infistar still being updated?

    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  14. infiSTAR

    Reading Logs

    a played should have gotten 2.95203 damage but instead only got ~0 so infiSTAR forced the damage on the player. He might still have had some kind of trade-zone godmode or godmodmode cheat. THat's why