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  1. Spartan

    Deleting a player from the DB

    I just look at the data in HeidiSQL, find the affected row, right click and delete the row.
  2. Spartan

    New update bugs - Devs please read

    @Austin Players may have overbuilt their territory levels due to the bug that made a level 1 territory able to build to the max level 2 territory number of objects, and so on. Sounds like that was fixed in this update, but someone who was over the intended limit before might have problems.
  3. Spartan

    Database Problem

    When you merged the extdb-conf.ini you likely replaced the credentials needed to connect to your database, so the server can't connect. Check there. (Did that myself on a past update).
  4. Spartan

    Bicycle bogs down on some bridges

    Not only that but riding a bike across a bridge often damages the player. Think its an Arma issue though, not Exile.
  5. Spartan

    Tracked Vehicles

    I agree.
  6. Spartan

    Question about RCON Chat protocoll

    O/T, hey @Torndeco thanks for extdb2. Just amazing.
  7. Spartan

    MySQL issues

    I think everybody is getting spammed with the Server: object not found messages. It would be awesome if someone could figure out how to fix that. I dont think it has anything to do with the database though.
  8. Spartan


    Cheap launchers and high vehicle prices don't mix very well. But all of that is configurable by the server owner.
  9. Spartan

    Exile Price Balancing Worksheet

    You've been busy.
  10. Spartan

    0.9.4: Add LMGs back in

    Not exactly sure. I've heard some wondering whether it was related to how heavy your inventory is when you log in (related to the Arma stamina updates), but I have no idea.
  11. Spartan

    Inventories becoming messed up?

    You are not alone, my friend.
  12. Spartan

    0.9.4: Add LMGs back in

    Uncomment the lines in your mission config.cpp where the buy/sell prices are listed (this lets them be bought or sold generally), or add them there if they are missing, and make sure the classnames are added down below in the config.cpp to the armory trader (this puts them in the trader). Sounds like they are already showing up in your loot spawns. The ammo disappearing is likely caused by the ammo bug everyone, including me, is reporting.
  13. Does anyone else get this in their server log upon startup? 19:05:02 "ExileServer - Loading vehicles from database..." 19:05:03 Error: Wheel reference not initialized
  14. Spartan

    Disappearing Ammo

    @GR8 Same here.
  15. Spartan

    exile vehicle repair script question

    Did you try removing the quotes around the part? When the Exile code runs the for each or w/e for _x what does the for each refer to? ( On mobile so cant look anything up, but thats where I'd start.)