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  1. change it in the Mission SQM ....and Done Where is the Problem ???
  2. Stimmt, der A3Launcher lässt nur Joinen wenn die mod auch aufgeführt ist, er lädt keine aus dem Workshop nach. Der normale Arma 3 Launcher tut dieses aber !!!
  3. delete this : you have by infistar a CfgRemoteExec in your MpMission, editing this one
  4. change the new dll. https://share.infistar.de/armalog.zip
  5. change the two dll. seperatly, not from the complete Infsitar download : https://share.infistar.de/armalog.zip
  6. okay, i have the same problem yet, : you can fix it go on the infistar webside and load the new Dll's show under News !! Date 18.10.
  7. This entry was in my Armalog .: 25.10.2017 04:00:48: ERROR: Server IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) is not whitelisted in our webinterface. Please go to (https://webinterface.infistar.de/licenses) to manage the whitelist. 25.10.2017 04:00:48: Remove the infiSTAR files or you won't be able to start the server! I have whitlistet my Server at the infistar Dashbord , then started my server normaly
  8. hm, have you buy your infistar version?
  9. i have a g-portal testserver, there was a diffrent ip listet in the Armalog as the server has
  10. same ip who listed in the Armalog??
  11. what say the rpt.?
  12. Whitlist your Server in the infistar Dashboard !
  13. show in the Armalog which IP you must Whitlisted !!!!
  14. Whitlist your server to Invistar , the last entry of the Log is "armalog" . Look in the Armalog and you see that your server not whitlisted is ! sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand
  15. first as Server Owner do This https://xm8.exilemod.com/