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  1. United Kingdon Order [UKO] / Are looking to recruit experienced ArmA players to form a Exile Clan to play Exile and in the future on our own Exile server (Currently In development). Players should have a decent amount of experience playing Arma and preferably a few months exp playing the Exile mod. We currently have around 6 UKO ArmA members but only two are active therefore the requirement to recruit more active players is needed. Interested players should reply to this thread with details of their experience, and any relevant info as well as their steam links. Current Servers frequented: ATD Exile Taviana, The Monastery Al Rayak, UKO Exile Taviana **Currently NOT Active** [UKO] PalmAir
  2. PalmAir

    New Skins at Vehicle Customs?

    Did you have any luck with this?
  3. PalmAir

    Esseker or Taviana mission file?

    You will need to edit that missions file to suit your server as it will contain any modifications that are included with the mods which that server are running. So you will either have to run the same mods and settings as that server or edit the missions file to remove those modifications. I just edited the downloaded missions file to remove the mod settings that i wasnt running on my server.
  4. PalmAir

    Esseker or Taviana mission file?

    Delete post
  5. Hi Exiler's, I Hopfully someone on herer can help me. Ive had a Tavi server running for a couple of days (all running fine) only thing i didnt have setup was BEC and auto restarts so the server has very long uptimes. Anyway i restarted the server the other day (No changes to any server files) and now we get stuck at waiting for server to load. I cant for the life of me workout what as suddenly caused this problem. Also theres quite a few errors in my rpt files some of which i believe are to do with missin buildings in the A3Taviana files but that wasnt causing a problem before but if anyone can help clear those too that would be awsome. Rpt below:
  6. PalmAir

    Loot Spawner addon

    I know but I couldnt get it to work with the mas and RHS addons. Im definatly doing something wrong using the exile system and the loot compiler so I am using this as a fix until I figure out what im doing wrong with the exile loot spawns.
  7. PalmAir

    Loot Spawner addon

    I would like to request some help modifying the loot spawner found here: Basically im trying to add this to a tavi server and it sort of works but I would like to add the Tavi specific buildings to the loot spawner which i have sort of done. The bit i need help with is telling the loot spawner which positions to spawn the loot. My idea is to use the positions from: But as a noob coder I cant work out haw to tell the lootspawner to use the positions from the CfgBuildings_Taviana.h file from the thread above. Anybody willing to take a look and point me in the right direction as I am keen to learn the processes behind everything I use on our server. Thanks in advance
  8. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Anyone got any ideas why the mas items i have added to my traders appear in the list but the enterys are blank appart from the price and wont let people purchase them? Image: attached ** Ok the above issue was me being a noob and not having the mas mod running clientside oops!
  9. PalmAir

    How to add custom Editor Script

    Check this post
  10. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Yea i noticed that I use PopUp Targets as the back of the target is the front and its easy to see roughtly how a npc would look using a man sized target
  11. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Is there a limit on the number of traders you can have on a server?
  12. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Well I changed it to the same as the others and it still not spawning them.
  13. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Possibly but would that stop all the traders listed below that entry from spawning?
  14. PalmAir

    [GUIDE]Trader Setup Tutorial

    Updated with my initPlayerLocal.sqf All my traders work bar the last few (Bylov Group) which is whats confusing me!
  15. **I'm Currently away from the ArmA Scene so am unable to update this thread, if anyone wants to take over this and keep it updated feel free to contact me** How to setup Traders Ok ive been looking through these forums for info on how to setup traders, move them, build trader citys etc and found that the information is very disjointed and all over the palce. So I thought I would put it all together before I ask my question. What Ive found that works: 1. Use M3Editor by @maca134 to place the objects you want in your trader city (M3Editor Thread: (Tut to place Traders: ) 2. Use this method to get your custom map content onto the server (Keeps the mission file small) 3. Edit the initPlayerLocal.sqf to add/move current traders to your new trader locations In initPlayerLocal.Sqf : /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Example Trader /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [ "Exile_Trader_Aircraft", <-- Trader Type "AfricanHead_03", ["Acts_Kore_IdleNoWeapon_loop"], <-- Trader Animation type [10165.2,18644.1,0], <-- This is the position of the trader 313.349 <- This is the orientation of the trader ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; Get the co ordinates for the trader by placing an object using M3Editor and copying the co ords and orientation info from that object to the trader info: example from M3Editor output sqf: ["TargetP_Civ_F",[17500.5,7168.5,0.228912],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],false], 4. Edit SafeZones To edit safeZones copy the mission.sqm to a folder in your Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions in the abover folder create a folder called Exile.MAPNAME i.e. Exile.Altis and past the sqm file there. Open ArmA3 Editor and your mission should be visible to open. Once open use the Marker placement tool to place SafeZone Triggers and Safezone Markers as you require SafeZone Trigger Code: Once you have all your triggers and markers placed save and exit. Copy the sqm from the Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions\Exile.MAPNAME to your server mission file and re-pbo. It seems from testing that you can only place 28 traders, anymore and they don't seem to spawn in-game. 5. Adding Items from other mods: (In progress) Once you have your traders setup its time to add mod content to them (If you want to run mods such as @Mas, @RHS etc) Open your config.cpp (In mission file). The config.cpp is layed out as follows: 1. Clan & Crafting Settings 2. Item Costing 3. Item trader definitions First you want to add any mod items to the Item costings section as shown below: Once you have added your items you need to add them to the releant area in the definition section to allow the items to be added to the relevent area in the trader menus. to do this add the items again in the areas shown below: Ensure that the mod from which your adding items is added to your servers startup parameters and you should be good to go. ArmA has a good error checking function so if you have added items incorectly on server startup it should inform you of any errors and the line in which the error has occured. * Ensure that clients have the required mods active for the items to show in the trader menu's. Community Customs Traders: To be done Anything else people want in this guide (Trader Related)?