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  1. NuFaN

    Help Appreciated, with Namalsk and ryan Zombies

    that is awesome bro... thanks gonna look in to this tomorrow... Do they also spawn in the woods and stuff
  2. NuFaN

    Help Appreciated, with Namalsk and ryan Zombies

    i probably messed up with deleting of trigger 3 4 5. also the missionfile was corrupt. original exilez and original namalsk mission works for as far rtp shows. edit: Still see no zombies, gonna try tomorrow again, thanks for now...
  3. NuFaN

    Help Appreciated, with Namalsk and ryan Zombies

    @papahyooie i added the exilez to exileserver\addon, but in rtp this error appears, server does not completly boot.. 20:40:21 Warning Message: Script exilez\init\fn_init.sqf not found
  4. NuFaN

    Help Appreciated, with Namalsk and ryan Zombies

    i have exile, i have ryan, i have namalsk, i have all BE, so now i just add exile-z... Ok i gonna try... thanks @papahyooie
  5. I want Namalsk Exile and ryan zombies. I installed both, manage to make my way to figurely speaking 100 #kicks. But as i wander down the map of namalsk, not one zombie appears. Can anyone guid me on what and how to fix this. I never used ryan zombies, so be gentle. NuFaN
  6. NuFaN

    [SOLVED] Added Vehicles Kicking Players

    just add them to the whitelist part _VehicleWhiteList = [ "B_Parachute","B_Parachute_02_F","O_Parachute_02_F","Steerable_Parachute_F", "I_UAV_01_F","B_HMG_01_high_F","O_HMG_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F","O_MRAP_02_gmg_F","O_static_AT_F","Land_Camping_Light_F" or just turn white list part to = false. _UVC = true; Had same issue, both fixed it, found out false much less work xD!
  7. NuFaN


    Shows how good u are as a admin, my server doesn't need players with your attitude, even without any player u will not be bored. So ur server would not even be competition for me.
  8. NuFaN


    People are so obsessed with killing eachother (PVP) it is Just pityfull. For me exile is about survival and not killing others. But this whole society if like "must kill" or i fail! But no one ever said exile is all About pvp But hey like i Said who am i to talk!!! So as of now i wont do so any more...
  9. NuFaN


    Never thougt i would say this, but the poptab change is the worst idea ever! One reason for me to quit on Admin a server, i honestly think this is gonna be a pain is the *ss for the admins. U say it is 2035, give Every player a xm8, but dont use its virtual possibility as digital Wallet... Sounds contradictive! Saw people hinting for xm8 hacking Wich would make more Sense... But hey who am i... had the hope with exile it would be more than Just killing and stealing, boy was i wrong!!!
  10. NuFaN

    =Five= Exile Altis

    Extra Cars added to the addon... Download Link is updated and working again... Added link to the forum...
  11. Thanks man, gonna fix that right now xD...
  12. i found multiple, just adjust the first one or all?
  13. Thanks @DirtySanchez, works, but Infistar doesnt like this a bit, that will spam my rpt for life! Probably need to change something there too? @infiSTAR
  14. How can i do this, i have done this before but can't remember how Thanks in advance