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  1. Mayhem Harry

    Extended Base Mod

    In the past it worked flawlessly as a serverside mod and players without the mod could see and interact with the EM objects. What has changed and would it be possible to have a "lite" version. Maybe its ok if I use one of the old working versions and put up a d/l of it on my own webpage (would be for those who play on my server) with all credits to Freakylein ofc?
  2. Mayhem Harry

    Problem with UK mirror?

    UK download is corrupted. Used the DE mirror instead and it was flawless.
  3. For some reason both MarXet and Most Wanted keeps closing down for players despite me adding the displays to allowed IDDs: 21000, // MarXet 4004, // Most Wanted Ive even added all the numbers that are listed in the below log: 4004,1002,1003,1500,2101,1005,2400,1009,2401,2402,2403,1501,1007,1008,2407,1503,1006,1504,2408,2501, // Most Wanted ... and still the Most Wanted gets closed when a normal player tries to open it. Right now I tried with adding all the Control #'s for MarXet including the 21000 and still no cigarr (see below fresh log):
  4. Mayhem Harry

    Tanoa Loot Pos [WIP]

    It worked for us until the last update from Bohemia and now nothing spawns at all.
  5. Mayhem Harry

    Add an 'Out of Stock' flag to the trader item classes

    Imho it should be a combination where some, or all depending on the item, of the trader stock comes from what player sell back to the traders.
  6. Mayhem Harry

    Exile #1

    A fun fastpaced server with several active admins doing their best to give the players a good PvP environment.
  7. Mayhem Harry

    R3F + DMS = Sell your crate at waste dump

    I'll talk with Qzen, our coder, and see if its ok to give you our working code for selling crates and get the correct amount of poptabs regardless if the crate was loaded in a vehicle or not. I totally forgot about it since we've been using this since october last year.
  8. Mayhem Harry


    My binary, the arma exe, is renamed from arma3server.exe to arma3xxx.exe and I foolishly missed to rename it. When I tried to run the server the old un-updated exe was called instead of the new one. Since I run more than one arma 3 server I've decided to rename them so I could easily separate them from each other.
  9. Mayhem Harry


    Same here! Exiting with Error 70. Solved my problem, the binary wasnt updated correctly so the old arma3server.exe tried to run.
  10. Mayhem Harry


    I want Katanas for some amazing sword fights!
  11. Mayhem Harry

    [UPDATED]Custom Skins (working with Exile 1.0.2), Donator Only Skins

    We solved it on my server by (re)placing the Infistars CfgRemoteExec code at the end of the description file, Now it works flawlessly on the live server as well.
  12. Mayhem Harry

    [UPDATED]Custom Skins (working with Exile 1.0.2), Donator Only Skins

    Well it did on the test server ... tried all sorts of scenarios and it loaded perfectly. Restarts or shutdowns, the skins showed on login. Then I moved it all to my live server after my last post. The only difference is that I use Infistar on my live server. Now they dont show after restart. So I guess I have to go back on my statement. The calls are all made in the rpt-log and the database got the changed skin for the right vehicle id.
  13. Mayhem Harry

    [UPDATED]Custom Skins (working with Exile 1.0.2), Donator Only Skins

    It works flawlessly on my server. Thank you for this nice script The Walking Bambi!
  14. There are also servers with custom loot that initially might look like high loot while the more valuable loot is limited or even locked to Blackmarkets.
  15. Mayhem Harry

    Too many threads running - kick

    Yes, it started in a small scale until after a while everyone were getting kicked. So it has nothing to do with recording software as we (on our server) thought. We had to revert back to a older version to solve this.