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  1. pangea

    TheFuBar Exile Mod Tanoa

    About us todo About our server high performance server (i7 4770, 32GB RAM, SSD, gigabit connection) Location: Duesseldorf Germany (10-50 ping in europe, ~100 ping for north american players) Required Mods • Exile mod • RHS AFRF • RHS USAF • RHS GREF • Extended Base Mod • Ryan Zombies & Demons Scripts • missions • roaming AI • advance towing and rappelling • safezones custom tradercities • alot of tweeks and little scripts (chop wood directly in trucks) • InfiSTAR antihack
  2. pangea

    Battleye/InfiStar - Exceptions not triggering

    thats atm the best information i could get, thank you! so, basicly i dont merge the infistar with the exilevanilla ones? Or just allPlayers? Whats about Entities, compile, exec, eventhandler and so on?
  3. pangea

    remoteexec kick admin req

    Sad Can someone point me in the right direction? I've read the battleye tutorial twice, there is nothing in there that explains why my first battleye filter dont make sense. And srsly I dont get it. I've added the Exad BE Filter And bam fnc_adminreq kick. Why? This server was running smoothly before the arma 3 patch, and now I cant get to work with Infistar active. I took your fresh Battleye Filters, merged them with the vanilla Exilemod Filters, and added Exad, Enigma und Exilez Filters. Cant get it to work. I'm still struggeling why I dont merge my remoteexec with the original Exilemod ones. (what happend with 7 "" !="vehicle this land 'LAND'" ) This is my remoteexec: BUT, doesnt work, got kicked by: Can pleeeeeease someone point me in the right direction or take 1-2 minutes? Please!
  4. pangea

    remoteexec kick admin req

    ok thanks buddy !but I need to know why My first mistake was to merge the vanilla remotexec with yours, I assume this is your remoteexec Is it the position? should it be this? Ive tryed it before without the 7 "" !="exadserver_fnc_clientrequest.*" line, but had the same remoteexec #4 error. We also can switch to german if you want, since Im german too. I would really appreciate if you could take a moment a explain to me why they are making no sense. Im willing to donate some coins, need to know why the battleye filters behave like they do greets
  5. pangea

    remoteexec kick admin req

    Hey, perhaps someone could help me. I've updated Infistar and Arma, and did all the battleye filters from scratch. Here is my remoteexec: Here the Error (XXX was a steamid and ingame name) I really dont get it, I've used the new Infistar battleye filters as a "base" for the rest, and you can see !="fnc_adminreq \[.*\]" in the exceptions. I checked: -Infistar mpmission & arma3 folder files -restarted server -did all the battleye filters again and ended again there Would be nice if someone could help! /e little update, when a normal player logs in i'm getting this error: (scripts.txt) If anyone could hint me in the right direction would be awesome ! this is the infistar section in my rpt log: wrong init state - could it be this?
  6. there is a typo: @iniSTAR_Exile must be infiSTAR_Exile. Sorry for double post can u post us your @ExileServer/extDB/logs/log ? And I assume its a windows system?
  7. good to know, thanks man. never checked it before without, 'cause I need it for asr_ai3.
  8. it depends on what you need cba for^^. in this case only for extended base mod, and every "calculation" is done by the server, so u dont need to load it. u can, but its not necessary. as far as i know, u only need cba in -mod when you use ace or/and cup. 9 am, my english sucks, i need a coffee
  9. didnt know that, lets stick to the other thread ok?^^
  10. not necessary. it depends if the client needs cba, for example when you use cup. but in this case its totally ok to load it as a server mod
  11. I wrote it in the other thread, as long as you are starting your server wrong you will ALWAYS have problems. please start your server with this and post your rpt here afterwards. mods: @Exile;@Ryanzombies;@Exteneded_Base_Mod;@FMP;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;@AdvancedSlingLoading;@AdvancedRappelling;@Arma_Enhanced_Movement;@RZInfection_for_Exile;@HAP servermod:@ExileServer;@iniSTAR_Exile;@CBA_A3 is this a typo? Extended instead of Exteneded
  12. Im 99% sure your server isnt set up properly. Just look at: Your startup parameter is messed up. As I mentioned in the thread before, you have to start your arma 3 server the right way. If not you always will have problems. So, lets do this step by step. First, your start parameters: Please DONT load extDB2 and so on in your parameters. Arma doesnt find it anyway, so dont do it! You only need mods that player need to download in your -mod parameter. Every *.pbo in your exileserver/addon folder will be loaded automatically, and @exileserver, @infistar are servermods! Post your startparameter here please! otherwise I cant help you Second: updaterp, seems like a typo. Third: could be, because your server is messed up, from the start.
  13. ok. u posted the right log file, but I need more.. start the server, and let it run about ~2-3min and post it here or better
  14. @Exteneded_Base_Mod change that to Extended_Base_mod then, why are you running it as an servermod? whats that? First, u dont need to add @extDB2 and Enigma and so on as servermods. thats not necessary. every .pbo in the exileserver/addon folder will bei loaded automatically. next, dont load infistar in your normal mods. infistar is a servermod, cba_a3 too. please give us more .rpt. its not even loading the mods, so cant help here without a proper log file.
  15. are you using infistar?