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  1. Keep reducing the AI numbers in occupation, see if that helps. I know our servers aren't running on the latest greatest hardware, but messing about with occupation on and off. When I take it off the server, just run DMS, the performance is pretty solid. Still tweaking all the settings, I know it's not fully optimized...haven't yet found the magic config.
  2. H4ZM4T

    8G Bullet Cam Problem

    We chased our tails on this very same issue...wahoo! Clients must have PIP enabled at the very least to Low setting.
  3. H4ZM4T

    Napf server/mission files

    ...unless the server has made mission components server side. Still as said earlier, should get familiar with the files and settings. Suggest looking at the default alts.pbo...use that as template to build from. I didnt have luck making a template from the Tanoa default pbo...YMMV.
  4. H4ZM4T

    Help with 3DEN Plugin

    Hey Ghost, I've been playing around with the simple object BBQ cans for adding items at traders I don't actually want players to pick up. I was looking for shortcut keys as well, didn't find any for say 90 degree X,Y, or Z axis rotations though. For sure, weapons will default to an unnatural angle on tables, instead of laying flat.
  5. H4ZM4T

    Bring back the lobby

    Yes please, at least let admins choose to enable/disable it.
  6. H4ZM4T

    WildAnnie's Traders Napf

    After adding everything, creating the mission and packing to pbo, works great...just missing the lockers. Messing about in 3DEN with the Exile plugin, just attempting to place one locker...like in Worb...then opening up the init to copy over to the working initserver.sqf. Learning as I go...read read read, test test test. May build from scratch just to get more familiar with it...that's the fun part anyway.
  7. H4ZM4T

    WildAnnie's Traders Napf

    Awesome work. I'm trying to open this up in 3DEN so I can add Lockers. I've initially opened in the 2d editor, added player and saved, then imported to edit in 3DEN. Markers and spawns show up, including trader cities. But cannot see the trader objects or NPC's to place the Locker objects. Total Noob at this, any help or direction appreciated. H
  8. H4ZM4T

    ExileZ 2

    Anyone having zombies 1 hit kills on Tanoa, from mostly default zombie settings? I've left zombie strength and damage at default...just disabled infection. Just suddenly started getting a lot of one hit zombie kills in the last 2 days. Players are geared up, wearing vests...etc. Nothing unusual in the RPT log. It's like they get close, initialize attack and it's instant death every time. Makes it interesting no doubt. Current setting for damage is 'out of the box': _Ryanzombiesdamage = 0.09; // Attack damage *(% of players life per hit, 1 is 100%) H
  9. H4ZM4T

    Thirst and Hunger 100% when log off and log back in

    Same results, but thanks for the suggestion. Noticed other values in the DB like health were set to "0", tried that too, no change. *EDIT: Possible Fix* Went through all files in mission.pbo. Noticed some minor differences in the mission.sqm, and dumped it for default, added back in class mission / addOns[]= and hunger thirst now seems to be working. I've also kept the DB settings Razor_HD mentioned in above post to "no default" in MySQL.
  10. H4ZM4T

    Thirst and Hunger 100% when log off and log back in

    No joy. I'm running Esseker and made the change. I can still log out with half hunger or thirst, log right back in with both @ 100%. Any more ideas?
  11. H4ZM4T

    ExileZ 2

    Ahhh, okay. Thank you.
  12. H4ZM4T

    Thirst and Hunger 100% when log off and log back in

    We're seeing the same thing. I'll give that a whirl, see if that fixes it.
  13. H4ZM4T

    ExileZ 2

    Anyone now getting infections after updating Ryanzombies to 4.0? I have them disabled in the ExileZ config.
  14. H4ZM4T

    Exile Z | US Central | Napf

    Have fun, play fair! 4 hour restarts | (Day 3hr - Night 1hr)
  15. H4ZM4T

    Esseker mission file

    PDG, thanks for having a place for all the info on these maps. Looking forward to your 0.9.6 update. This helped me get my esseker server going.