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  1. My dude, did you even read what I wrote you disagreed with a statement that you agree with. I said in that statement we want 1.0.4 not Escape. Lol. No where in any of that statement did I say anything about not wanting Exile's core mod to get to testing rather than escape being the focus atm. I totally get what you said though Wolf. Why not test something that's ready to test as opposed to 1.0.4 which may not be ready yet. I've done the whole games development Gambit. I'm a 3d modeler and have led Dev projects on other game engines a decade ago it seems. It's a pain in the ass. But it's constructive criticism and that's what we're here for.
  2. Thats the thing.. your asking for people to come and test it and in fact imploring people to come test escape and no one wants it now and no one really wanted it then. I guess thats what I'm trying to say m8. Not trying to be a prick about it but folks just want to see 1.0.4 and thats it
  3. Honestly... you should put up a reg exile 1.04 test server.. The amount of people who wanted exile escape were pretty limited and by the amount of people that actually donated to make it happen during your time frame that you stipulated were pretty minimal. The only thing thats being done buy testing a game mode that not many are interested in is pushing the release of the core of 1.04 back longer and longer. Just move on with the other testing and either release exile escape as a sep download and not part of the 1.04 core release and test it after 1.04 core is released. Believe me people are waiting for Exile itself. Not this game mode.
  4. I have the clean up by bombing selected.. curious as to why its not working.. The The Wipeout just flies right over it and remains on station circling. I have the ZCP.sqf in my mission folder as well.. The CAP point works other than that.. Can cap it and spawns the crates or vehicle.. but plane won't bomb it.
  5. Unreal is easy enough for most competent people to grasp and figure out. I wouldn't have taken the squad teams offer either. When he and others can do it with no problems. UE4 is probably the best documented and developer supported engines other than unity.
  6. Agreed. I've had a license of UE4 for years when Epic was first allowing people to purchase it. It's come A LONG WAY.
  7. Unless you have people wanting you to make a server or a community behind you I'd say your waisting your money creating one.
  8. Not battlegrounds no. But he's dinking around in UE4 Gotcha as you can see from his Twitter
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/OneForTheEichi Have a look for yourself and determine on your own.
  10. now thats interesting
  11. I don't know about that. I've yet to see someone get restrained in the server I play in.
  12. In regards to restraining a player. Most servers are not role play servers. I for one would not let anyone restrain me at all. It's either kill me if kill me. You'd never get a chance to restrain someone.
  13. I actually had to delete my local arma3 files and reinstall and that fixed it for me. It happens randomly. Seems that arma gets corrupted.
  14. Whats the point of putting it in the mod at this point if it's useless. Should have been added in when it has one. Anything else absolutely useless?