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  1. [ZBG] Zombatron

    Missing Items?

    Same issue...
  2. [ZBG] Zombatron

    Missing Items?

    I will have a look tomorrow (Since it is currently 2AM) and get back to you on that one
  3. [ZBG] Zombatron

    Missing Items?

    XstremeGaming. I have had a chat to the server moderators and they don't know what's happening...
  4. [ZBG] Zombatron

    Missing Items?

    So. I am trying to play exile. But all base buildings items (i.e. Walls, laptops, doors, etc) are not there. My mate can see them, I don't and just walk through them on his screen... I have re-downloaded the mod, restarted the client a thousand times. I just can't seem to fix it but really want to play.