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  1. Can anyone please help? I have reinstalled the server and merged the files and still nothing. Item stays red and won't let me construct.
  2. I have merged the files that were mentioned and still cannot build. If i was to download the hotfix and replace the whole @exile_Server pbo would that work?
  3. I can't seem to find where i would add it.
  4. Hi, Can someone please tell me how to add poptabs to crates? I seen a post from Kuplion in this thread but i have a feeling it is out of date now, as i couldn't see anywhere relevant to put it.
  5. Hi, i have a similar problem to the posters before me. I've changed the the accurate restarts line to below. However my server still seems to start at different times. I am looking to restart it at 2,6,10,14,18,22 but it seems to be out of kilter. Sorry this is really pickling me. _restartTimes = [2,6,10,14,18,22]; // Military Time _startHour = ExileServerStartTime select 4; _startMinute = ExileServerStartTime select 4; _startSecond = ExileServerStartTime select 0;
  6. Thats actually something you could rectify yourself. Go into mission.sqm and search for Pert and Adelaid and add the missing letters. Hope this helps
  7. Letting customers know may have been a good thing.
  8. Hi guys, I've searched the forums for build on roads and it only turned up a result for disabling it. I would like to know how to enable building on roads. I am using Taunus as my map and there are some cobbled areas which would make great bases. However when i try and place a workbench i get the message that i cannot build on roads. Is there an easy way to enable this? Thanks in advance Monkee
  9. Hi Yukihtio23 i have followed the instructions. I have changed 'DMS_Use_MAP_Config = true; // Whether or not to use config overwrites specific to the map.' to false. I also use it on my Al Rayak and Tanoa servers with no issues.
  10. Hi, Has anyone managed to get dms working on Taunus? Everytime i try it stops the server. Thanks in advance.
  11. Found it. Thank you very much.
  12. Hi guys sorry for dragging up an old thread. I did use search to see if i could find an answer and this popped up. Essentially im looking for a way to remove or reduce the amount of respect lost on death. Is there a definitive way to do it? I looked at the posts on the first page but the sqf the post refers to doesn't seem to contain the same line anymore. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Renegade. Please accept my apologies. I will indeed use the search function next time. Lesson learned i guess.
  14. Hi all, I run a pretty much fully militarised server. However some players are commenting that the artillery computer keeps being closed by infiSTAR. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
  15. Fudgemonkee

    We run a pve server but the missions and ai are set to extreme. Obviously not being able to kill other players will put a lot of players off but we do have a fully militarised server. Yes you can buy tanks if you like.