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  1. Boothy

    |ATD| Exile Napf

    Brilliant server always active and friendly admins! Definitely worth a try, and also to note the ATD community has been running for quite sometime. It originally was called "DeadByZed" then got renamed to "AmongTheDead" by far the best community out there full of good times and laughter! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Boothy


    BUMP - Nobody got a response to this?
  3. Boothy


    Is there a way to disable crosshairs? If not could there please be an option to do this sometime in later updates? Crosshairs suck!
  4. Boothy


    Change your interface/resolution, should fix it
  5. Boothy

    Banned without a reason

    Can't join a lot of servers probably because you don't have the correct mods installed.
  6. Boothy

    Toolbox - Exile Items

    Doesn't really look like a toolbox in my eyes, never the less nice funky design
  7. Boothy

    Making Money VS Losing Money

    Seriously? It is so easy to make money. I could make easy 10,000 pop tabs in 45 minutes - 1 hour, by just selling metal boards and junk metal. Can make just as much selling spawned vehicles and weapons! Think you are forgetting something about this game...It's still in beta/alpha/early release or whatever! There is bound to be bugs that cause you deaths/to loose things. The kick restrictions is nothing to do with Exile mod itself, it's to do with BE/the server. All the issues/problem you have stated, I have never had. I guess you just seem to be unlucky or on a bit of a dodgy server?
  8. Boothy

    Question about Flags

    Strange because I've heard of people destroying them before guess I'll test it later
  9. Boothy

    Question about Flags

    I'm sure if you place enough satchel charges next to it and set them off it will destroy it?
  10. Boothy

    High FPS - Stuttering

    Roaming Ai is a massive lag/FPS killer, especially if many players are online.