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    Primus Networks - We can develop your server!

    To be fair to Primus Networks, the UK datacenter they use were hit with outages for the past 2 days and their main box is being moved today, as per my email with George yesterday. Though I'm sure whatever the outcome George will resolve whatever issues you have.

    Help Me!!

    video is private for me.

    Enigma Revive Troubles

    Most likely cause is a syntax error, check your rpt logs as it should highlight there what exactly the issue is.

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    @BeatenByBacon Can you post your rpt please and I'll take a look (a bit late I know but still worth a try)

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Well all I can say is after updating ChernarusRedux the error vanished and we could upgrade walls again. Maybe an installation error, outdated files?? but to me it seemed like the network id and the position of the base object didnt match hence the error.

    Acquire Persistent Vehicle account_uid

    It might be of help to you to have a look into how AVS tracks persistent vehicles as it gives them a database ID which by way of a tag which acts as the uid in the database. This seems similar to what you're asking. WOLF

    How to Animate the Traders?

    Hi Toni This might help you out, the animations I use are mostly from this list Regards WOLF

    Show off your base.

    Now that's quality craftsmanship, well done.
  9. Can confirm, A3XAI works well with 1.0.4 and very customisation heavy too.
  10. GGWOLF

    Infistar Ban?

    Does it state that you were banned in the kicked message? If not I would imagine that you aren't banned but mods out of date or corrupt files etc. Verify your mods and game files if I were you.
  11. GGWOLF

    Remove radiation zone screen effects

    Nice, thank you for this, really helpful
  12. GGWOLF

    Chernarus Redux

    Nice share
  13. GGWOLF

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Have you tried using AdamKadmons 1.4.5 yet? iirc he and @odizzzzle did some work on vehicle ammo when updating it? Personally I only use the persistent vehicles function without any armed vehicles so I cant really help you there
  14. GGWOLF

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    You have run the AVS.sql query on your database, right? 10) Execute the following query on your exile MySQL database: ALTER TABLE vehicle ADD ammo text NOT NULL; UPDATE vehicle SET ammo='[]' As it looks like that's whats missing to me Edit regarding using AdamKadmons 1.4.5 AVS the difference between them is that AVS was updated to run on x64 servers (extDB3)
  15. GGWOLF

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    Keep looking, there's still about 10 (to my knowledge) decent survival themed servers out there (check my sig if you have signatures enabled)