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  1. SpiRe

    What is Contractc*****?

    GR8 doesn't suprise me..
  2. SpiRe

    Support for cba a3

    there are few people that already wrote some guide what to change where in order to remove some conflicts with CBA. But i don't know about ACE3.
  3. SpiRe

    Support for cba a3

    You can override clientside code from mission file in order to edit Exile's functionality and as for servercode you can do it directly in @ExileServer or via missionfile too. But you can't rewrite the original client files and repack the mod.
  4. SpiRe

    Support for cba a3

    There is no reason to support other mods in general. Supporting means to adjusting everything to work with it. So there you can end up even adjusting different armor stats for RHS or CUP or whatever so every other mod is not supported but if it works it's good for you and it's offcourse your job to make it work if it needs small adjustment.. But then thanks for the people that put the effort and adjust their mod just a little bit. But still i don't think that CBA will be ever supported even if it fixes it's flaws just because it's not needed and forcing Exile to be compatible with it isn't the way, Exile is a standalone mod. And why should Exile devs put the effort and notify CBA devs about it's flaws? Maybe there is only a decency point of view but that's all. From my server owner perspective im sad that mod developers go the easy way and use CBA. Because for one mod that took advantage of minor part from CBA you will get a big pile of stuff on top of it. It means that the code there is excessive which is bad from programming standpoint because you should know all the code you add to the server and add only needed code to the server. You can surely make your own mod and nuke all the not needed stuff. I agree that using CBA on some private server for few friends or on a local server is OK but not for persistent online server. If you look by example on some Frankie videos you will see a private server for few prople with bunch of mods having there CBA and we all know the guy who made that server but the guy won't use the CBA on his live servers. I asked CUP developer why they use CBA instead making the weapon configs themselves or just use ASDG_JR and they said that they dont have time for that so they use CBA because it have more subscriptions on steam workshop.
  5. SpiRe

    Exile and Namalsk Public Test

    I hope it will "work as intended" @Hollow Kappa
  6. SpiRe

    [CLOSED] Garage Virtual Vehicle Storage

    If you got it from your friend ask your friend to help you.. Otherwise don't try get help here with something that is clearly stolen. Thread closed.
  7. SpiRe

    Loot spawner

    Use original Exile lootspawner
  8. SpiRe

    Car Keys and Locking

    everyone just lost their keys
  9. SpiRe

    [SOLVED] Please close

    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  10. SpiRe

    Bloodsuckers for Exile Namalsk?

    How about Namalsk Extension pack?
  11. SpiRe

    Car Keys and Locking

    Awful, i do understand that the key system people compare to A2 Epoch but what i do not understand is why anyone thinks they own the idea since it's just one real life feature on the real cars. Also it wasn't said that it will be the same. I think the vote only shows that there are 50% of people who wants advantages of PIN CODES and 50% of people who wants advantages of KEYS. Which can be translated to 1. I want to be able to steal cars, there is need to make the game more encouraging. 2. I want my car to be safest as possible without need to care for extra thing on top ( item ). But devs will see what people want and decide how to improve or change current system. Because i don't think that 50/50 even 60/40 will rapidly change something. It doesn't really matter what method to lock cars do you use. All that matters is how it will work in PVP. There is sure need for balance the game, adding more fear factors and encourage players to play. Only thing i think about is that if you use item to lock a car you should use item to picklock it. If we currently use virtual method to lock the car ( pin codes ) then we should use virtual method to lockpick the car.
  12. SpiRe

    Car Keys and Locking

    noone said anything about that cars without keys will stay locked or that bases and such will be lockable on key, only that Vehicles/Helis will be.
  13. SpiRe

    Car Keys and Locking

    Im sure if there will be a good way to handle cars with lost keys that it can be a lot better than key codes. People will have actual fear for their vehicles when leaving them. With key codes everyone just lock the vehicle quickly and noone can steal it.
  14. SpiRe

    [SOLVED] make-over of Namalsk

    Desolation is A2 DayZ copy pasta, i imagine BI will shut it down quickly.