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  1. Sixz


    Thanks for the reply to my message. However i feel i was not being clear. I know that infistar is listed twice but i am talking about the errors that show from line 17**. That has nothing to do with mods since it will happen on a clean server as well. I would like to see your opinion on that!


    1. SpiRe


      you should have listed infistar only once and im sorry but i cant tell what these errors are:


      12:14:02 Error: Object(9 : 128) not found
      12:14:02 Error: Object(9 : 129) not found
      12:14:02 Error: Object(9 : 130) not found
      12:14:05 Error: Object(9 : 144) not found
      12:14:05 Error: Object(9 : 143) not found
      12:14:05 Error: Object(9 : 145) not found

      12:14:15 Error: Object(16 : 79) not found

    2. Sixz


      Well that the issue at hand which i know loads of server deal with. Anychance you can have the devs take a look at them? It is wrecking servers left and right!