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  1. Hi @M6mal the quoted problem has been reported and the Devs are aware I will try to reproduce the others later Thanks JamieKG
  2. JamieKG

    [SOLVED] survey done

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page ? its working for me answered the question and then scrolled down and its there
  3. JamieKG

    [Solved] I must have something wrong

    if a AI fires a rpg that is offloaded to a client ?
  4. JamieKG

    [Solved] I must have something wrong

    I think you may find battleye is not loading the filters from were you want it to whats your start up prams and were are your filters located ? Edit. Saying that if its just DMS and Occupation and you do not have it offloading ai to client or your ai don't fire rpg's you might be ok
  5. JamieKG

    [SOLVED] A3 luncher

    as far as i know using this will add the server to the launcher as long as your server is using mods listed in a3 launcher http://data.a3launcher.com/home/check
  6. JamieKG

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Yes they can any vehicle spawned by this is no different from any other persistent vehicle
  7. JamieKG

    [SOLVED] Cherno still no loot

    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  8. JamieKG

    [SOLVED] Cherno still no loot

    what is in chernaruslootbuildings.hpp and chernarusloottables.hpp ?
  9. JamieKG

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    i use ["Chernarus", [7680,7680,0], 7680], looks like it works well did you remove the cars that have already spawned in the database ? this im not to sure about as I have not experienced this my I ask what vehicles are you spawning ?
  10. JamieKG


    Hi @infiSTAR I just PM you with the files that makepbo changed
  11. JamieKG


    i did not off hand i know it turns the .cpp into a .bin but i will look later to see what it dose
  12. JamieKG


    I had a problem like this it was MakePbo doing something with the infistar files I added a -N (do Nothing special. Make a pbo wysiwig) to the arguments and that fixed it for me I hope this helps
  13. JamieKG

    Time to say goodbye.

    Good Luck MrWhite
  14. you could but I don't really like that I feel you should have to stop the vehicle is you shoot some one in it but as you say the arma bugs would be another positive of ejecting the player of vehicle destruction
  15. altho could a check be put in place to see if it was a explosive charge that blew the car up then if so not function