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  1. bustednuts

    Eden Trader Setup

    Houdy all. Kinda stumped here. I am trying to add waste dump traders to tanoa airfeilds . I have added signs and lockers but the traders refuse to work. I am placing the output that I am getting from the eden plugin in the initplayerlocal and no dice. The initplayerlocal looks different than what the output is so I am at a loss as why it's like this. Any help would be awesome. Thanks and have a nice day!!!
  2. bustednuts

    Exile continues!

    I am glad that people from the community are going to help with the cause!
  3. bustednuts

    Respect basd load outs

    Yes, Thats me. I did get one of my old files to work with a newer version that I have found on here. A little cut and pasting and it works great.
  4. bustednuts

    Having second server issues.

    I am having a issue creating a second server on my box. I currently have a cherno server running. I have taken most of the mission file and inserted it into the one I want to run. That way both server have the same trader options. I created the database by editing the stock exile.sql < pastebinlink. It seemed to create it with no errors in the script. I went and made a new startup bat file .pb startup bat It seems to start fine but then it runs into a extdb2 error and it sets the server into a restart loop. Also I seen in the rpt , it states that alot of the exile defines are already defined? Do I have to set up a different server port? Here is the RPT for reference. Tanoa RPT Error. Thanks for looking guys!
  5. bustednuts

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Thank you for taking the time to look at it. I am some what new with server administration. I will look again at it and try to find a solution.
  6. bustednuts

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Sorry , I forgot the details. DMS config.sqf, Cherno RPT
  7. bustednuts

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Also when this is going on. All the weather goes to default.
  8. bustednuts

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Been having a bit of a problem recently with missions that fail or are completed the text on the map will not clean up. Also when this is going on I use occupation and I have fast night's active and the time multiplier will not work and it wont switch back to day. Has anyone experience this problem?
  9. bustednuts

    Bases and Vehicles disappearing

    Can anyone help please??
  10. bustednuts

    RCON Tool Not working.

    Mark this topic fixed Ryan
  11. bustednuts

    Bases and Vehicles disappearing

    I been having this problem stated on my fresh cherno server. I have all the CUP mods and NIA Arsenal running on it as well. I am having a problem with random player bases dissapearing after restarts. It seems to be random and they are paying their protection money as well . I have also been having a problem with players logging out at their bases and their vehicles get sent back to the place they last locked it at and not at their base. Now this doesn't happen to everyone. So that what got me stumped? Anyone else have this or have a fix for this?
  12. bustednuts

    Respect basd load outs

    Has anyone got this to work with the current build? I am not having any luck. It is giving a can not create bambi timeout. This is the script I am using and theses are the exile custom codes and this one, I can get the rpt error if needed. Let me know if this can be fixed? Thanks in advance.
  13. bustednuts

    Exile Car Bug

    Another thing that I have noticed is when this car bug is active ,when you access the inventory you can put items in the car but they can not be removed. And if you flip the vehicle it will levitate and it will keep going up until you can no longer reach it. This is completely random for players that haven't died in the restart and it happens to almost every bambi .
  14. bustednuts

    IgiLoad not working

    I dont use this at all but if your using inifistar you can see all the scripts and see if it is running. I would say its most likely not and I would go over your install again.
  15. bustednuts

    RCON Tool Not working.

    If you used the install directions to get your server running you need to put your battleye info in the other folder as well . If you still having problems i can help you.