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  1. machine6fd

    MEME FIGHT!!!!

  2. machine6fd

    I can help you!

    I did this for epoch and I'll help again for exile. If you need help setting up your server(s), editing, or adding to them I can help you. Msg me here or Skype: machine6fd Thank you
  3. machine6fd

    [Help] Custom made launcher

    +1 for Jan18101997's Launcher I've edited it for my community/servers and it works great!
  4. machine6fd

    Add water barrels to all territories

    AH Good idea! so maybe a level 3 flag not 1-2.
  5. machine6fd

    Add water barrels to all territories

    Updated a bit. I'll test on a live server this weekend.
  6. machine6fd

    EXILE-Z Project - Add Zombies to Exile

    I believe in the beginning it was called @Ryanzombies and later changed to zombs and demons. so the readme is just out of date.
  7. machine6fd

    Work shop content

    So... if you run a dedicated server and you want to have the latest workshop content.... like zombies and demons for example. How do you download/check for updated without having steam on your dedicated box? As I install everything via Steamcmd I have no idea how I would install workshop content without steam. Obviously I can goto armaholic and download it there but shouldn't steamcmd have an option to download content?
  8. machine6fd

    Add water barrels to all territories

    Sorry for my bad interpretation skills but what i'm saying is you need to have some sort of client side addon perhaps to add mobility and saving of the object to the database. My way is just going to spawn the object at the base. and it should be useable since the code is only looking for Land_BarrelWater_F to run the fill script.
  9. machine6fd

    Add water barrels to all territories

    From what I have read it would require an ADDON or exile devs to add it to the mod. So i did this version. Perhaps I'm wrong and someone will add that also.
  10. * Tested and working.but seems a bit taxing... i'll check it out more on a live server. Execute with: [[0,0,0], 10000] execVM "barrel.sqf"; possibly in initserver.sqf private["_position","_radius","_allFlags","_barrel"]; _position = [_this, 0, [0,0,0], [[]], 3] call BIS_fnc_param; _radius = [_this, 1, 0, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _allFlags = nearestObjects [_position, ["Exile_Construction_Flag_Static"], _radius]; { _barrel = createVehicle ["Land_BarrelWater_F", (_x modelToWorld [2, 2, 0]), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _barrel setDir (direction _x); }forEach _allFlags;then save this as barrel.sqf Video: