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  1. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    Wow, that's actually amazing.
  2. Zarbon ツ

    Building rights and Base Building

    I've helped several people build and all the stuff I placed is still there weeks after, even after they removed me from territory. Or maybe I misunderstood what you meant?
  3. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    Still a WiP, but we're gettin' somewhere.
  4. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    I got bored again...
  5. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    Nice to see that this thread is still going, would love to see some more projects posted.
  6. Zarbon ツ

    Waiting for release...
  7. Zarbon ツ

    Hvordan får jeg spilt?

    Stor rød knapp øverst på siden, "Download"
  8. Zarbon ツ

    Spotify playlists

  9. Zarbon ツ

    Wooden Stairs FIX?

    I have a base with a tower (1x1), manually placed stairs and I have no issue with them anymore. Back when I just quickly snapped it together I killed myself going up and down over and over and over.. tl;dr place stairs manually
  10. Where are the zombies?

  11. Zarbon ツ

    Show of your Monster Machine!

    Nothing special here. MB: ASRock Z77 Extreme 3 CPU: i5-3570k clocked to 4.2 atm MEM: 32gb 2400MHz HyperX Beast GPU: Radeon HD7970 DCUII Top SSD: 256GB Samsung HDD: 3x 3TB WD Green in raid0 for storage (i know, I'm a fucking dumbass, but it works.. thus far..) Dusty as fuck inside. Room is still WiP - still havent gotten all posters and shit up, movies into the shelves, etc etc after I ripped everything out, put up the new desk and shit.
  12. Zarbon ツ

    MEME FIGHT!!!!

  13. Zarbon ツ

    Bouncing Safes.

  14. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    Sounds like a good idea.