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  1. papahyooie

    Accurate Restart Time Calculator

    Anyone know how I'd get this to count down to a quarter hour? Like in the restart array, if I wanted to restart at 15:15 should I put... 15:15? 1515? 15.15? 15.25? Or will it only handle whole numbers/full hours? Thanks
  2. papahyooie

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Kudos to you for working on this, and getting the dev to answer you. I tried for some time to contact him, and never did, so good for you. My missions were map specific static missions, with their own accompanying map additions/locations with buildings and everything... I'll see if I can find them.
  3. It's not corrupt. It's only a couple of text files, how big do you think it's going to be?
  4. papahyooie

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    Yea, the one I from the OP just uses the invisible helipad. I'm not worried about aesthetics, I'd just put a styled helipad on top like you said. I want to be able to spawn air vehicles in one place, land vehicles in another, based on what type of pad or object I put down. If yours does that, are you able and willing to share? Thanks!
  5. papahyooie

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    Earlier on in the thread, somebody was talking about the script looking for different helipad types for different types of vehicles (air, land, etc.) Is this still the case in the current script linked in the OP? I can't seem to find anything referencing any helipad except the single helipad type in the code. Is there a way I can make it spawn air vehicles on one type of helipad, and land vehicles on another? Or was that referring to an earlier version of the script? Thanks!
  6. papahyooie

    Napf Island A3

    Spot on... turns out somehow I had merged my own map edits in with the clean mission PBO I made, and didn't notice. And on those map additions, I hadn't yet set specific map items to not enable simulation (it was all still in-progress stuff) so... it was enabling simulation on every single little map addition I had made (over 1800 objects... yikes!) So... totally my fault! Thanks!
  7. papahyooie

    Need help to finish a server

    Good luck. He'll have you work on his server for a week, stalk your discord status and send you messages like "Oh you've disappeared again", complain that it's not fast enough, then ban you from his discord without paying. 1/10. Would stay away. Also, he confided in me that he's been banned from this site multiple times... mods might wanna look into that.
  8. papahyooie

    Napf Island A3

    Is anyone actually successfully using this map right now? It seems as soon as I add this map, Ram usage goes sky high, and it takes nearly 15 minutes to actually load onto the map at which point the user is instantly kicked.
  9. papahyooie

    Napf Island A3

    Sure, sounds like a great idea! Go ahead and do it...
  10. papahyooie

    Loot compiler for Chernarus 2035 for $40

    I'll do it. Do you have loot spawning on 2035 already, you just need CUP and others added? Do you want me to add it to your existing files, or just send you a loot config to copy/paste in?
  11. papahyooie

    Will it ever stop?

    Please tell me that's sarcasm... I'm nearly 30 and a millennial... people act like we're still teenagers or something...
  12. papahyooie

    Will it ever stop?

    No I sure didn't lol. My bad. Cheers!
  13. papahyooie

    Will it ever stop?

    I'm not sure what having a soul has to do with it... I haven't done anything wrong. If someone wants to pay for a skilled person to build them a server, and a skilled person wants to make money to build a server, then what crime has been committed? As for pride in your work, I never said I didn't have pride in my work. Any server I've ever built has worked as expected and as promised, and I've never had an unhappy customer. Plenty of them ruined their own fun by playing with admin tools and severely limited the time they enjoyed it... but that isn't up to me. That has nothing to do with me. I spent the time to learn how to install a server... if someone wants to pay money to avoid having to spend that time, then I'm happy to provide the service. There's nothing soulless about that. Most people take their car to a mechanic when it breaks down, rather than spending the time to learn how to fix it themselves. Nobody calls the mechanic soulless (unless he specifically leverages his skills, and exploits the customer's ignorance, to defraud the customer, like trying to sell muffler bearings and headlight fluid.) It's a transaction and a service, nothing more. As long as I provide a quality service, I don't see any problem with it. And that's what I don't understand: Why would you want to take that source of income away from those that want it? And on the flip side, why would you want to take away the ability to host a server from those that would rather pay for it than do it themselves? Do you think they don't deserve to have a server because they didn't put in the time? That isn't up to you, or anyone else except the person hosting the server. They didn't put in the time, but they did put up the money. So "deserving" is irrelevant. Is it because they'll be bad server owners? You're probably right... they will be bad server owners. Don't play on their servers, problem solved. They can kick around with their buddies and use admin tools, and generally be a nuisance until they get bored, and then they'll be gone. Either way... once again that's between the server owner and the guy setting up the server. They haven't harmed you in any way by hosting a server. So that's what I meant. I don't mean I'm willing to defraud people, or take advantage of them, or anything "soulless".... I simply have a skill that is occasionally in demand. And I think it's silly that you'd want to take that away from the parties involved because of some self-righteous preconceived notion.
  14. papahyooie

    Will it ever stop?

    Why would you want to take away the scrubs? Some people make decent money off them. If someone wants to pay me to make them a server, I'm all ears. If you want me to teach you (outside of what I have posted on these forums) it's probably gonna cost a bit more, and the price increases based on your level of intelligence lol... But if somebody wants to pay for a turn-key server, why would you want to take that away from somebody who wants the cash?
  15. Misteaks.... misSTEAKS... It's mistakes. If you're going to dog on them for spelling mistakes, then at least don't screw it up yourself. Moral of the story... don't worry about the spelling mistakes guys. This isn't a AAA game title, and they aren't charging you for it. So it's kind of silly to expect a mod that hasn't had a release in months, to release a patch simply to fix some spelling errors.