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  1. FriendlySniper

    [GUIDE] Server Install/Upgrade Guide 1.0.4

    I can't seem to get passed the InstallA3Server bat file step.. I've edited the file as it says ( SET Password123 ) to my details, then save and run it as admin, but fails with this ( Logging in user 'REMOVED' to Steam Public...Login Failure: Invalid Password FAILED with result code 5 ) Steam login and password are right.
  2. FriendlySniper

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

    Cheer's for the reply kuplion.. That is a shame .. The in depth medical system i was really looking forward too.. Fingers crossed another one might come along
  3. FriendlySniper

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

    Any information to get this working on 1.0.3 would be greatly appreciated..
  4. FriendlySniper

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Model's were done by I3IueVein
  5. FriendlySniper

    Enigma Exile Revive - v0.80 [UPDATED 08/09/16] 1.02 Compatible

    Post your config via pastebin
  6. FriendlySniper

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Cheers for the reply.. Yeah i knew i was doing something wrong. Dug a little deeper after my post and got it working without adding the " class CfgExileCustomCode ". Had no snow, but screen was all blurry, and message box with the 3 sets of googles. Will go over it proper now and then report back. Many thanks __________ Edited All working fine now. Tried both to make sure and all sorted
  7. FriendlySniper

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Tried to get this running on my test server before adding it to my main chernarus winter server, but for the life of me i can't get it to work. Once a mod is running great on the test server i remove it for the main server, so my test server has nothing on it mod wise. I followed the instructions but the server just wont run once the pbo is packed and put back on. I have to use direct connect to find the server, but it is showing up without a mission.. How i've tried to install it is by doing the following: Added all folders to mission folder ( Snow, Sounds, Textures ) Added these files to mission folder ( CfgAmbSounds, CfgSnowGui, CfgWindSounds ) Init file was dragged straight in as there isn't one in the folder. Description was added to the bottom of my description. File from inside OnlySNOW was put in my missions folder. Config was edited as shown. Snow enabled and 2 lines added to " class CfgExileCustomCode " I know i'm doing something wrong, but just can't see what... So i really need help from someone
  8. FriendlySniper

    Zombies on Namalsk

    Just tried SM_Zombz and the server wont run?.. Edited the files and restarted the server, then the only way i can see the server in the list is by direct connection. But it doesn't have a mission file then?.. Once i remove the files from description and mission file the server starts up proper again and shows in the list
  9. FriendlySniper

    Zombies on Namalsk

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so sorry in advance if not. I've been running a exile server on Atlas for ages with A3xai & Exilez 2 and got to the point i was bored of the map, so i moved to namalsk. Now i'm facing the problem of not being able to get exilez to work and be able to spawn zombies?.. I followed the instructions and with no joy, the zombies will not spawn. I also do not get any red circles on the map. If i leave all the triggers in i can see all the red circles in the water which would be for the atlas map, soon as i remove triggers 3 4 and 5 from the fn_init and just leave 1 and 2 for namalsk, i lose the red circles and have nothing spawn. The exilez was edited and repacked in to the PBO and then placed in to the exileserver > addons folder Here's my edited fn_init, maybe something is wrong in it somewhere?.. Also added a screenshot of the server and how the file is placed inside.
  10. FriendlySniper

    Extended Base Mod

    Great addon.. Is there any chance in stopping npc's from walking straight through the walls and locked gates?.. We have npc's roaming around our server, and they just walk through them as if its not there.. Zombies do not pass through them though
  11. Hey guys, Does anyone know where i can edit the battleye kicks on nitrado?.. On my last server ( gamingdeluxe ) it was located in the battleye folder. In the Nitrado battleye folder it only has 3 files, BEClient.dll, beserver.dll and eula.txt. I have searched all over the place but can't seem to find it anywhere.. I have disabled BE for the time being, but would like to get it sorted out so i could remove the password off the server.
  12. FriendlySniper

    Adding vehicles to Traders

    Cheer's paul, spot on mate worked first go.. I wasn't adding the comma's
  13. FriendlySniper

    Adding vehicles to Traders

    Yeah ive added in both places.. I wanted to add jets, but it didn't work and server just stayed at waiting on the status.. I then removed the bits i added and just tried the truck way and just had the same out come
  14. FriendlySniper

    Adding vehicles to Traders

    Snap.. I've tried all ways from posts on the forum.. Server status just shows waiting.. Soon as i remove them it goes back to playing..
  15. FriendlySniper

    Adding different vehicles spawns to Exile ?

    Tried adding a few different jets, but doesn't seem to work. Added in the both area's of the config.cpp but server just wont load, stays at waiting on server status.