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  1. MetalHead

    Exile_Client requires addon 'gnt_c185' Anyone can help?

    Just add "gnt_c185" to the addons section at the top of your mission.sqm
  2. MetalHead

    [Solved] CfgSounds

    Check your mission folder (root) for a file called sounds.hpp or something similar and add the sounds to that file instead of in your description.ext.
  3. MetalHead

    Server stuck "[Display #24]"

    It isn't an error. It's related to infiSTAR antihack if I'm not mistaken.
  4. MetalHead

    Make an option for gas stations

    Exile Reborn by JohnO contains a method that turns off auto refuel and requires you to manually refuel all vehicles with jerry cans.
  5. MetalHead

    Missions stop clearing?

    Your server fps are very low. I'd be looking into that and why it's so low.
  6. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion It's exactly the same as mine. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for you.
  7. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion Can you post in a spoiler what is in the overwrite "ExileClient_object_item_consume.sqf".
  8. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion Not sure why this is happenening man. All your entries in the config.cpp seem to be fine.
  9. MetalHead

    [Solved] Castle Worm Hole?

    Isn't it part of the infiSTAR anti-glitch mechanism ?
  10. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    All I can suggest is to go through the instructions again, very carefully as you have missed a step somewhere.
  11. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion I'm sure they're the same files, but the @ folder has a different name than mine. Yours is @eXpohZ Infection and mine is simply @RZ Infection. I don't know what your using to control the Zombies but I use ExileZ by Kuplion and it works perfect. I also use the mod from the Steam workshop CLICKME and not from the Git you provided. As you can see, everything works as intended though I didn't have an infection
  12. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion You've probably missed a step somewhere. Go over the instructions again to verify any mistakes. The RZ Infection mod works perfect.
  13. MetalHead

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    @Zerion The injector and pills work perfect to combat the infection from RZ Infection. The pills are a temp cure and the injector a complete cure. I know it works with Exile v1.0.4 because I use it on my server.
  14. MetalHead

    Infistar XM8 CustomApps

    Yeah I understand but he has no entry for any apps on the xm8, Hence my reason for asking regarding the class CfgXM8. @EclipseGaming2021What was the issue ?
  15. MetalHead

    Infistar XM8 CustomApps

    @EclipseGaming2021 I don't see any reference in your config.cpp in regards to "class CfgXM8". Are you able to see and use the standard apps that are available on the xm8 for Exile ?