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  1. Your server fps are very low. I'd be looking into that and why it's so low.
  2. @Zerion It's exactly the same as mine. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for you.
  3. @Zerion Can you post in a spoiler what is in the overwrite "ExileClient_object_item_consume.sqf".
  4. @Zerion Not sure why this is happenening man. All your entries in the config.cpp seem to be fine.
  5. Isn't it part of the infiSTAR anti-glitch mechanism ?
  6. All I can suggest is to go through the instructions again, very carefully as you have missed a step somewhere.
  7. @Zerion I'm sure they're the same files, but the @ folder has a different name than mine. Yours is @eXpohZ Infection and mine is simply @RZ Infection. I don't know what your using to control the Zombies but I use ExileZ by Kuplion and it works perfect. I also use the mod from the Steam workshop CLICKME and not from the Git you provided. As you can see, everything works as intended though I didn't have an infection
  8. @Zerion You've probably missed a step somewhere. Go over the instructions again to verify any mistakes. The RZ Infection mod works perfect.
  9. @Zerion The injector and pills work perfect to combat the infection from RZ Infection. The pills are a temp cure and the injector a complete cure. I know it works with Exile v1.0.4 because I use it on my server.
  10. Yeah I understand but he has no entry for any apps on the xm8, Hence my reason for asking regarding the class CfgXM8. @EclipseGaming2021What was the issue ?
  11. @EclipseGaming2021 I don't see any reference in your config.cpp in regards to "class CfgXM8". Are you able to see and use the standard apps that are available on the xm8 for Exile ?
  12. Post your config.cpp from your mission.pbo on Pastebin so we can take a look.
  13. @basics There is a post in the forums somewhere by Kuplion. He did some work on it and brought it up to scratch with the latest version of Exile. Works perfect too
  14. @Brenner Sorry man. I didn't get a response from whoever is behind it and it never got fixed.
  15. Another lazy Bastard :rollseyes: