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  1. @eraser1 , thank you. I have no doubt that all your functions are easily labeled and explained. However , i am sadly lacking in basic deductive reasoning when it comes to reading your scripts. Taken me a while to follow what i know are basic instructions. I have a question for a basic example so i can follow thru with the rest of the variants i would like to add. In the sqf below So if i want to add _crate_weapons_scopes do i do the following? am i doing this correctly? I appreciate your time very much @eraser1 , please forgive my ignorance with this.
  2. WHAT TIME uk timline ARE YOU available to chat via ur team speak. Got some ideas to run past you
  3. First : This mission spawns custom object building , wall , gate etc placement. The OBJECT.SQF is fine and works as intended. Second : The mission SQF has been reworked to support the limited 3 array function of DMS , meaning WEAPONS , ITEMS and BACKPACKS but for all intensive purposes - items and backpacks can be used for anything other than weapons - weapons has a function that adds ammo. Currently working on a mulitiple crate system which will allow me to use the 16 array's i want to use to provide more control for loot based on difficulty. Think : easy unlocks 1-3 , moderate adds 4-6 , and so on. However in the current build - the features are as follows. 1. Custom Object placement. 2. Static array's on 4 towers , 1 inside apartment building , 2 out front of apartment building. 3. Vehicle reward based on difficulty - easy = vehicle A , moderate = vehicle B and so on. ** All vehicles are set to be persitant - but you change that as you can change the vehicle type for your server ** 4. Loot is an incomplete selection - advise adding to the _List section ... as i cut out all the other array's that did not function as intended. This has left a massive loot short fall. Work in progress : Number of crates linked to difficulty . Easy = 1. Hardcore = 4+. Each crate after first one will call a global array. This is the only way i can think of to achieve the customization i am going for. If i get it working i will include the DMS config changes i have made. MISSION.SQF Below. OBJECT SQF Just remember to call the Object SQF the same as it is referenced in the mission SQF. Sorry for the delay in the mission. Sorry for the lack of extra function .... banging my head against a wall trying to get the options i want linked to difficulty without literally creating a full custom loot crate with each item defined by number etc. Anyway - enjoy.
  4. I think i found my loot problem. Turns out i did not have multiple array;s working , inaccurate reports from testers. Currently the only way i can get loot to spawn is with the following default listing of In this list , only the WEAPONS , ITEMS and BACKPACKS spawn their lists. All other List entries do not spawn in the crate. Further testing shows that changing WEAPONS (1st entry) , ITEMS (2nd entry) or BACKPACKS(3rd entry) from their positions in that list stops those lists from spawning as well. I am under the impression that the following function under scripts. Needs to have references to the other LISTS i have created for them to function. Can i get any confirmation of this ? @eraser1
  5. Ok doing a quick fix - should spawn loot in crate - but ..... i think there is still an issue - Sorry using tablet for quick reference while at pool with my little girl - havent tested. MISSION SQF Known issue - only Weapons spawning (Ammo spawns 3 clips/belts per weapon automatically). Cant seem to find the issue that is limiting it to just weapon spawn. Log only seems to indicate - Line 249 as a undefined array. Not sure what.
  6. Setting up a template - that allows for variations on mission difficulty to be reflected in the flavor text. IE: Hardcore the loot includes say a 50cal static . Flavor text reflects this. However , at easy .. the loot does not. And flavor text can reflect this. Yea.. this is an old version and that is exactly why the loot is not spawning. Putting up a fix later today ( In a rush atm )
  7. the bandits are referenced in the mission sqf Ive uploaded an old version ... the crate wont spawn with loot. 3;14am here .. ill fix it up and upload the edited SQF tonight for you.
  8. The mission is a BANDIT type mission. So just create 2 notepad .sqfs titled after the names given in the OP. Put the object sqf into the objects folder. Put the Mission sqf into the bandit mission folder. Have fun Note - the vehicles can obviously be edited to suit your needs. Note - the crate contents like the vehicles will change depending on difficulty. IE: Easy : A - F lists. HARDCORE : A - Z lists. Oh : Dont forget to add the MISSION.sQF name to the DMS config were it lists the missions ie:
  9. STALKER_AINC_objects STALKER_AINCcompound_Mission Yes i could of added this to github. No i dont have an account there. So here you go. THis is one of 5 current DMS bandit missions we have working on our test server. IF you like ... ill add more here.
  10. [AI] Stalker


    Can i pm you a mission SQF and get you to syntax it for me? I must be missing something ..
  11. [AI] Stalker

    remove please.

    Edited - ran into issues - ignore.
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    That comment is simply explaining that EACH _Pos reference in that line will result in 1 AI being spawned at that position. That is all it means. You can do it with 1. Or you can do it with 100. Makes no difference.
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    Not true. See above with Red's post. Specifically i use relative position here And this works.