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  1. the trader layout would interest me .. is that a script
  2. Danke für eure nachfragen, es speichert wieder, es war DMS Occupation der spawn eines random Helis verhinderte das speichern, klingt komisch, ist aber so... Aber danke trotzdem, Klasse Community
  3. Hallo Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen, in letzter Zeit werden die items die sich in safes oder Kisten befinden nicht mehr gespeichert. Nach dem Restart alles weg. Gibts was , was man Unternehmen kann. Für jede Hilfe wäre ich dankbar.
  4. So the mission should appear only once per restart ... not several times...what do I have to set that static missions appear only once
  5. jetzt komme ich erst darauf, ihr meint die Map Taviana nicht das Sector Script ansich. Also darf ich das Script verwenden für meine Map MSKE-2017 .. dachte ihr meint das Script.
  6. oh sorry .. hat sich erledigt.. kann gelöscht werden :::
  7. Könnte man dieses Script https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/34655-release-sector-addon-050-framework-for-staticmission-millitarize-area-taviana-sector-b-rewiten-august-2015/ auf Exile umschreiben? wüäre sehr dankebar für jede Hilfe. MfG
  8. Have the same problem. How did you fix it. With me appears apex, then kick.
  9. ["Land_HelipadSquare_F", [15085.8, 8619.97, 98], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], ["Land_HelipadSquare_F", [15105.7, 8598.92, 98], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], true] These two helipads are in the initserver.sqf. You have to adjust the height of the pads. So the third number in the first bracket. 98 works with me, with you it could be higher [15105.7, 8598.92, 102] or less [15085.8, 8619.97, 92] only the rear number is interesting
  10. Can someone tell me what I do with the airhook thing?
  11. The catapult works with these code in the init.sqf if (isServer) then { // Spawn Carrier on Server private _carrier = createVehicle ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",[15081.7,8479.79,0],[],0,"None"]; _carrier setPosWorld [15081.7,8479.79,0]; _carrier setDir 0; [_carrier] call BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate; // Broadcast Carrier ID over network missionNamespace setVariable ["USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER",_carrier]; publicVariable "USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER"; } else { [] spawn { // Clients wait for carrier waitUntil { !(isNull (missionNamespace getVariable ["USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER",objNull])) }; // Work around for missing carrier data not being broadcast as expected if (count (USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER getVariable ["bis_carrierParts", []]) == 0) then { ["Carrier %1 is empty. Client Fixing.",str "bis_carrierParts"] call BIS_fnc_logFormatServer; private _carrierPartsArray = (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER >> "multiStructureParts") call BIS_fnc_getCfgDataArray; private _partClasses = _carrierPartsArray apply {_x select 0}; private _nearbyCarrierParts = nearestObjects [USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER,_partClasses,500]; { private _carrierPart = _x; private _index = _forEachIndex; { if ((_carrierPart select 0) isEqualTo typeOf _x) exitWith { _carrierPart set [0,_x]; }; } forEach _nearbyCarrierParts; _carrierPartsArray set [_index,_carrierPart]; } forEach _carrierPartsArray; USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER setVariable ["bis_carrierParts",_nearbyCarrierParts]; ["Carrier %1 was empty. Now contains %2.",str "bis_carrierParts",USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER getVariable ["bis_carrierParts", []]] call BIS_fnc_logFormatServer; }; // Client Initiate Carrier Actions with slight delay to ensure carrier is sync'd [USS_FREEDOM_CARRIER] spawn { sleep 1; _this call BIS_fnc_Carrier01Init}; }; }; And the error code 13, please adjust the position (lower) of the helipad. With me this worked. ["Land_HelipadSquare_F", [15085.8, 8619.97, 98], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], ["Land_HelipadSquare_F", [15105.7, 8598.92, 98], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], true]
  12. A question about this script, does it still work with the version exile 1.0.2? I have it installed, server starts, but I do not come to the server. Perhaps I have made a mistake in the installation, which I do not think, since the script is easy to install. The script still works or does not it work?
  13. First a big praise to the developer of this script .. it all works very well .. Still have a question .. how do I get the trigger for the virtual garage on the flag? Please answer with example and in detail, I am a bit stupid!
  14. Can someone please test whether it works .. it has installed 10 times, nothing. 10 times checked whether everything is right, nothing
  15. Exactly that I mean, this kill message. But this installation does not work. But on the server, where i was, already ..