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  1. I've tried to have the game on HDD as I was almost out of space on the SSD but it was loading so slow and I had 10 fps in game at the start.. I was wondering if it would have the same effect if I have just the mods installed on the HDD
  2. I don't want to open my inventory to heal. It would be nice to just press a hotkey and if you have any meds on you it will automatically use 1 without opening the inventory
  3. Ok it's not from thirst/hunger .. but i can't explain it.. it's the second time in a row it happened
  4. Title. I flew for about 5 minute and i died of thirst/hunger .. i was at around 60% on both
  5. F_Society

    Stuck at ARMA 3 screen when joining an exile server

    it seems it's server related,probably they need to be updated to the newest arma version .. I just joined another server and it works fine
  6. F_Society

    Stuck at ARMA 3 screen when joining an exile server

    sorry about that
  7. So I press Play in A3L , the arma 3 screen appears and it stays like that .. this problem appeared after the new arma 3 update
  8. F_Society

    Play dead animation

    An actual random ragdoll play dead animation ... No one is falling for ctrl+s
  9. For example i have a backpack full of metal junk or magazines or whatever that i want to sell at the trader.It is annoying to click only 1 and then sell and repeat.
  10. F_Society


    So I opened up the map and I saw in a corner Pvt. F_Society. Wouldn't it be good to rank up once you reach certain point of respect? 1000- Private First Class 2500- Specialist 5000- Corporal 7500 - Sergeant etc also it can be just visually,near your name maybe or different perks for every rank.