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  1. Die beheben das nicht weil es kein Bug/Fehler ist. Es gilt als Kriegsverbrechen Kleidung der Gegnerseite anzuziehen. D.h wen in der Config steht das die Kleidung zu Blufor oder Opfor gehört, kannst du sie nicht anziehen. ( außer mit forceAddUniform )
  2. The Scripts are working fine I will update them in the next weeks. For anyone who has problems with the Installation, can me send his Steamname (msg)
  3. a shovel as requirement is possible for me but i don´t how to do the Respect Stuff Maybe in the future
  4. if (_randChance <= 0.5) then if (_randChance > 0.5)
  5. Natu

    Looking for Projekt (GER/ENG)

    Added you in Steam
  6. Hey, i startet two Month ago with Arma 3 "scripting". I had no Background Skills (not even a Hallo World) so i read tons of Tutorials, Posts and Topics to understand how these thinks work. I search a Projekt where i just work on Scripting, so i dont want to be involved in the Administrative process. It would be good if you already have People in your Team with some "scripting" Skills. Pls dont Contact me for just Installing Mods like MAS or CUP I favorite German Projekts because German is my Native Languages. If you can Deal with a Terrible German Accent and some ähm´s, English should be also fine Little Referenz : Greetings Natu
  7. In Norinsk on top of the big Industrial Building you start "flying"
  8. @shan_aya Dont testet it with "nectarine" @TMHackSaW can you give me oure Mission so i can take a look in it ? or jump in Teamspeak :
  9. y you can spam it and farm Metall this way. I removed Metall complete from Trader, so you have to farm or Loot the Metall. I added the Farm on two Static places on the Map so its a bit Dangerous to farm Metall because People will camp it. (inspiriert by Origins) For People who want to add this for Wrecks or Something like this, i could add that the Objekt get Deleted after there farm ones. ( I added the Option on the Mainpost)
  10. Give me pls the Classname i will test for you
  11. Have you changed the Land_JunkPile_F here ? class Objects { targetType = 2; target = "Land_Hlaska_ruins"; /// <-- Classnames of the Objects that give you the Options FarmMetal class Actions { class FarmMetal: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Farm Metal"; condition = "true"; action = "_this call NETmonkeys_fnc_FarmMetall"; }; }; }; 4. Ope
  12. So i hope the Problem is fixed Can you test it ? (its working for me )
  13. I will test it later I´m atm at work so :]
  14. Can you send me youre Mission.sqm ? So i can take a look in it ?