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  1. Zoranth

    Exilemod Loot Position Creator

    @Chris or @towati, What ever happened with this tool? Did it get released? Thank You Zor
  2. Zoranth

    Vehicle Camo Pack (RELEASE)

    The link for this is dead
  3. Zoranth

    [GUIDE] Server Install/Upgrade Guide 1.0.4

    Please for the love of god start using SPOILER tags. People will be more apt to look a your post that way.
  4. Zoranth

    BattlEye Automatic (Script) Exception Generator

    Hello eraser1, Thank you for this awesome tool. Have you put anymore thought into making it so that these will work with the rest of the filters (manually confirmed or enabled)? Zor
  5. Zoranth

    Negative Points for SafeZone Campers

    I like this idea, very handy and Thank you for sharing. I set mine like: _killerRespectPoints pushBack ["TRADER CAMPING C***", -1000]; // They tend to only do it once when they loose 1k respect from trader camping Hint for those that do not know how to: Instead of actually changing the file in the server.pbo, you could also use the substitution method in the config.cpp: class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileServer_system_process_preInit.sqf = "Overwrites\Exile_Server\ExileServer_system_process_preInit.sqf"; ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf = "Overwrites\Exile_Server\ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf"; }; The first file shown is in the exile_server.pbo that you are substituting. The second one is stored in the mission file in the path shown (or whatever path you choose) and contains your modifications. This way they don't have to tamper with the released code from the Dev's and it will be easier to track down any issues if the Devs change the file you modified in any future release. Just unpack the exile_serverpbo, find the files in the code directory, save them to your desktop, edit, then place them in your mission file in whatever path you want. Just make sure the path you choose is called for like = "path\path\bablabla.sqf"; PS, I would have LIKED your post but I have reached my limit for the day of 10 likes. I will come back tomorrow and followup with a LIKE
  6. Zoranth

    Collection of customization

    Nice group of customization's John. Thank you for Sharing.
  7. Zoranth

    [WIP] Liqu1dShadow is Making Map Content! - Requests/Ideas

    I have a request for Esseker's Camp Spencer. I have already created a wall around the base using the outside edge of the dirt road around the camp as a border for the wall. I want to keep the inside as close to as is for now because I dont want anyone climbing up out of reach of the critters and sit there and pick them off without risk. The wall was put up to keep the critters in the camp. What I would like to see is a buildup of military encampments, objects and fortifications on the outside of the camp up to no further than 250m out from the perimeter. There will be AI outside of the camp serving two purposes. To keep what is inside the camp inside and to keep anyone else from getting in. Lets just call it a quarantine zone. You can set up the A3XAI as you would like or I can do it once we get the file here. You can add a few AI Vehicle patrols as well if you like in any of the MRAP's. Here is the code of what I have already that is run in a typical sqf file on server side in an a3_custom.pbo setup. I was planning on finishing this up myself but figured I would share the idea and the work and let you continue with it if you want to. This already has 305 objects. Last but definitely not least. Liqu1dShadow, Thank You either way if you do this or not. Just for being willing to get on here and help those who need it. Side note: Really wish FACE was still around so he could continue working on the A3XAI especially the Static Stuff such as Static HMG's .
  8. Zoranth

    How to fix selling tanks

    Thank you for your help and hints on where to look to change these settings. I would rather discover, examine, modify, test, repeat cycle myself. it is the only way to learn it.
  9. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    This is what fixed both the problems I was having. They were going off of the map, then when I got them in the map they just went to 0,0,0 and hovered there. The fixes mentioned above by Kellojo fixed both of them. NOTE: Just realized you are using Ver 1.50 Lol. The above is for earlier versions. I have not upgraded mine yet. But in the interim, try the fix below, Replace your: _CenterRadius = 15000; With: _CenterRadius = 10000; Note: These settings are for Altis
  10. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    I really have to ask this because it has happened before. Are you editing the filters then uploading them back to the server? Are you Reloading the scripts through Rcon or restarting the server each time after adding the filter exception? Also, It is verified that it is the exact same error you are getting so now it is time to look elsewhere, such as the various Variable filters that I pointed out in a previous reply and also look at your files from the release. Here is a step by step on how to build an exception for a typical scripts.log error. I usually build mine right in the log and save it there for future reference:
  11. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    Are you using Altis or a different map? If it is a different map then you need to change the settings shown here: If this number is too larger the Heli's will go outside of the map On Line 94: _CenterRadius = 15000; //Radius around the _CenterOfMap (make sure its covering the whole map - Integer Next: //Edit these coordinates, these are the spawn coordinates of the helis/planes choose coodrinates at the corners of the map (use coodrinates according to your map/likings - these are for Altis) On Line 100: _ETG_StartionPositions = [[29.9291,30692.8,0],[30683.4,30681.3,0],[30628.1,98.2361,0],[6931.06,179.696,0]]; //Edit this coordinate it should be roughly the center of the map you are playing on (this one is for Altis) On Line 104: _CenterOfMap = [14653.7,16758.9,0.00143814]; _ETG_StartionPositions should be the coords for each corner of the map you are using or defining the corners of the max area of the map you want the helis to crash in. Bear in mind that if you make these coords smaller than the map itself, you will alsoo have to adjust _CenterRadius = so that it does not go outside of the coords you define. _CenterOfMap, should be near the center of the map you are using. This will help with the _CenterOfMap:
  12. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    First off, did you change anything at all in the code of the release other than the configurable options. I have to ask this because missing a simple , ; " [ ] { } could entirely screw things up. Did you try and fix any spelling errors contained in the code such as: _Ammount should be _Amount. The reason why I am asking this is because your error appears to be coming from the Loot configuration of the release such as from the code I show below: _Ammount = 1; _WeaponHolder = createVehicle ["groundweaponHolder",position _ETG_Cargo,[], _LootSpawnRadius, "can_collide"]; _WeaponHolder addWeaponCargoGlobal [_CurrentItem,_Ammount]; If none of the above pertain to you, and it is exactly the same error then I would move on to one of the other filter.txt files such as: publicvariable.txt, publicVariableVal.txt, setVariable.txt or setVariableVal.txt. That error looks like it might be able to be covered in one of those files by following the same conventions already in the files or by following the instructions posted in my signature..
  13. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    First off, you need to delete the following from your Scripts.txt as it is crap that Chris at InfiSTAR forgot to delete and was placed there when he was writing filters as a scratchpad kind of thing: 7="ame _x, ceil (player distance _x)],0,0.02];\n};\n} foreach playableUnits;\n"7 _supportedEvents7 "keUAV\") then {\nBIS_fnc_establishingShot_fakeUAV = \"Camera\" camCreate [10,10,10];\n};\n\nBIS_fnc_establishingShot_fakeUAV cameraEffe"7 "s (configfile >> \"CfgFunctions\" >> \"Curator_F\")) then {call compile"7 "z\ace\addons\common\functions\fnc_isPlayer.sqf" Notice that those lines do not follow any BE Filter formats: Now on to the current problem. Is the error exactly the same? Even if it has One added space in there somewhere it is considered a different exception.
  14. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    Here is the filter you would add: Search for the following Keyword: 7 addbackpack Add this filter to the end of that line with a space after the last filter already in this line. !="Cargo,[], _LootSpawnRadius, \"can_collide\"];\n_WeaponHolder addBackpackCargoGlobal [_CurrentItem,_Ammount]; \n};\n\n} else {\n\n\n_Weapo" I added this filter here because it appears as though your error varies from what would have been covered by the BE filter that is published in the pastebin link on page one. Notice there is not a "/" before the first " or at the last ". They are not needed as those two " define what the exception is. This being said, as in your error, the first and the very last " do need the "/". Only the " that are between the first " and the last ".
  15. Zoranth

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    So i hope this helps, if you still have trouble with the crashes being outside of the map please tell me @Zoranth the dont have to be in a specific order. Kellojo, Sorry for the late reply. The fixes mentioned here worked perfectly. Thank you for your time and patience.