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  1. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Defents Mission System Error

    That is how I have it, and it calls "dms" and not a3_dms.
  2. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Defents Mission System Error

    Hello, I'll get straight to the point. I have tried many times to get DMS to work to no avail. At first I thought maybe the pbo wasn't packing everything correctly, or that I didn't extract correctly, but then after numerous attempts (15 or so) with different programs still not working. So now I am here, in hopes someone can assist me. So, I'm not sure how big the file is supposed to be, but mine (just about all of them come out to be 611 kb, and one which was 630kb all creating the same error. Curious if the case is what I believe, then if someone could be generous enough to share their pbo with me, or if they could guide me into the right programs to use? ( I am using winrar to extract and then tried using BinPBO Personal to create a pbo and then also tried using Eliteness and CPBO all in which I have the same problem) Note: I have not edited any files in anyway. Thank you, Garrett. Error: Full RPT:
  3. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    So I am not sure how to go about this, I have installed it following the directions, but it isn't working so obviously I did something wrong? i get this in my rpt So I am not sure because it is obviously there.
  4. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Zombies in Trader

    Ah, totally forgot about this, thank you!
  5. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Zombies in Trader

    Hi guys, I am having an error with zombies not deleting in the trader zones. I am using Ryan zombies and Exile-Z On Tanoa and I have tried editing the scripts to delete on entrance of the zone for checking if the zone has a zombie but to no avail. Does anybody have any other options out there? Thank you, Garrett
  6. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Cannot load in - stuck viewing grass

    You're error is summed up here. Could you paste your File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf file or send me a link to download that file through dropbox or something? Should look like
  7. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Server Restart Loop

    Hello, I am having an issue where my server gets stuck in a loop restarting, I have gone over the logs countless times and attempted to fix errors, but I can't seem to understand what it is that is causing it. Any help? RPT FILES RPT vvv
  8. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Admin menu won't open (F1)

    Hello, I am having an issue with InfiSTAR, the menu will not open what so ever. I can hit F3 and it will open a console type deal. This is what the logs tell me. Any help would be wonderful, Thank you
  9. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Seeking help - No loot spawning

    Hello, I am seeking help. My issue seems to be that I have no loot spawning and no vehicles spawning, and yes I have tried different loot tables. It seems to me that after I went ahead and installed InfiSTAR that my loot stopped working. I am curious if anyone has any expieance with what is going on and if you could shed some light for me, thank you! Garrett
  10. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    In search of a Scripter and Admin(s)

    Hello there, I am in search of a partner to join me on my journey to creating a community. I am preferably looking for someone who has a little more knowledge than I do. With that being said, My knowledge is a little advanced in minimal areas, but mostly basic understanding of coding files and missions etc. Also, I am in search of an admin or two as I can not always be on. To qualify for the admin position, I ask that you be 17+ years of age with a solid maturity standing. If anyone is interested please comment or pm me with why you want to join me and your knowledge or why you would want to be an admin. The server is already set-up essentially. Missing 1 or 2 things that need a little editing. Server is also already equipped with anti-hack, ryanzombies, NIArms, CBA, and HVP almost ready to go, facing a few issues I am trying to fix before I go live. Leave me a message if you are interested! Thank you, Garrett