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  1. you need to talk to them in their discord.. https://discord.gg/jg8zVFF
  2. HC or no HC?
  3. Hey buddy.. 1. I think the duplicates are from additional servers starting, maybe the server monitor bat you are using is creating this. 2. For lan you dont need port forwarding, so i'd say the server itself isn't set up entirely correct. Can you upload the server .rpt file in pastebin so we can take a look? I'm sure many will respond with answers before i'm able to get back to review it.
  4. can you post the .rpt? are you running infistar? and if so, do you have a valid license? and if so, have you put the IP address for the server in your profile with infistar?
  5. I know the answer to this.. Millennials..
  6. This is the guy who made the exile rip-off prison game and has the shitty youtube videos? are you trolling and trying to advertise?
  7. Ok got it. For some reason on my cellphone I thought your link was to your edit of @vcomai. Any thoughts on how this will play with HC controled AI? thx for putting the time into this.
  8. Well that variable is just turning it off so of course they drive.. just back to the vanilla AI control. Any reason this is running -mod and not server only? Without HC, how are the clients taking part in this besides initialization? What exile related things have been modified from the script on armaholic?
  9. These posts come up so often.. person thinks money is a big deal.. Well, it's not my friend. The time put in is much more of an investment. From my view.. money is maybe worth 10% ownership of a community.. 90% on the time investment. Also, is this a dedicated server, or are you renting it from a gaming host? Very very big difference.. If its a game host, then consider your investment 1% ownership. If its a dedicated, add on battlemetrics, github, and a few other monthly expenses and you have a 10% claim vs the 90% time investment. Sincerely though, either way, good luck.
  10. Read the infistar instructions again also. Infistar should be under -servermod not -mod.
  11. Use this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647 remove the dll to use in 64bit. Just paste the pos in notepad++ plenty of tutorials on YouTube for it.
  12. ^incorrect. Let us help you with your grammar, since its obviously important to you. >correct: This is, by far, my biggest peeve of servers. Please use your eyes and correct a small mistake!!!!
  13. anyone can request it on support. http://support.launcher.eu/category/9/mod-additions
  14. hey.. very literally my method works so easy.. pm me your mission file and I'll make the adjustment needed.. you can either give me the admin's uid you want to use it or I can make it require rcon login (easy one button click in infistar) then once in game.. you hit "z" and voila.. it works Every UID/Instance you start creates a server thread or two.. fair warning.. discord.me/awg if you want to pm me there for faster response.
  15. zues is not a lightening bolt.. smh.. see the link i posted where i gave someone the way to edit mission.sqm to add the module and otherwise there is an addon that runs serverside that another gent referred to. Infistar has nothing to do with the zues module.