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  1. i'm currently working on a script that deletes vehicles when a staff member actives it though the debug console the current code i have so far is this but i want it to detect if a player is either 25m close to the vehicle it wont delete or if a player is within the vehicle it wont delete or even both would be nice if some one can help me with it that would be nice and i would much appreciate it. also i have this line here witch i think might work but i'm not sure " { aCertainUnit in crew _x } count thisList>0; " myList = nearestObjects [player, [ "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Black", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Black", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Blue", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_White", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Nato", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Csat", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Fia", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Guerilla01", "Exile_bike_QuadBike_Guerilla02", "Exile_Bike_MountainBike", "Exile_Bike_OldBike", "Exile_Car_Kart_Black", "Exile_Car_Kart_Yellow", "Exile_Car_Kart_White", "Exile_Car_Kart_Orange", "Exile_Car_Kart_Blue", "Exile_Car_Kart_Green", "Exile_Car_Kart_Vrana", "Exile_Car_Kart_RedStone", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue", "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black", "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Police", "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Orange", "Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_White", "Exile_Car_Kart_BluKing" ], 25000]; {deletevehicle _x}forEach myList;
  2. is there a way through Debug Console to Remove a capture point if it bugs out? [DB] Servers
  3. Don Cooper

    [DB] Staff Needed [Admins/Mods]

    We at the [DB] servers are looking for staff who have experience with infistar and being able to handle a decent amount of players and are willing to help them we are looking for for people who are 16+ and mature. Our servers are Hosted in Germany but we are trying to find people from other parts of the world so the server can be monitored when some of the other staff are offline. We currently have two servers Panthera, NAPF we are working on a third server Cherno that should come out very soon. If you have any questions or wish to apply meet us on teamspeak:
  4. Don Cooper

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    Nice Very helpful thanks alot maca
  5. what is the Coords for Panthera A3 ZCP_MapCenterPos = [8500,8500]; ZCP_MapRadius = 8500;
  6. Don Cooper

    XM8 Apps Repository

    ive seen alot of servers with Hunt The Admin app where if a admin clicks it it puts a marker on them and the player has to hunt them but i seem to not be able to find it any ideas?
  7. Don Cooper

    Exile Namalsk

    for some reason on our namalsk server no loot or very little loot is spawning we have already redid all the buildings loot spawns and upped the frequency of loot to 100% but we still are having no luck any one have a solution or is it something to do with the loot system from 0.9.6 that i'm doing wrong?
  8. Don Cooper

    [COI] Looking for staff & developers

    i will be willing to help out as a mod/admin i have alot of experience with old arma 2 Dayz admining and some in arma 3
  9. Don Cooper

    create NPC Trader and Safe Zone?

    for setting up the Trader i use M3 Editor i to am trying to learn how to do AI but no luck.
  10. Don Cooper

    Fix Rangefinders

    i think it is because i we have 2 servers one without the recent Infistar fix and one with and the one without has ranging and all the other does not *servers are exact copies of each other execpt infistar*