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  1. Hey bud, 

    I used your most wanted files from the server git hub you linked, thank you very much for sharing. When i have an open contract and kill the player I dont get the option to claim the contract, the database is not updating that I killed the player. Did you experience this at any point? 


    If you learned anything about the system that might help I would be really appreciative. 




    1. Falcon911


      Most wanted files were from the mod. 


    2. General_Jacob


      right i got that, I was just inquiring as to whether you had encountered the same issue as you modified the original files

  2. Tanks?? I added in the config.cpp but no workie unless RHS tanks are something different. (not a big surprise there)
  3. https://armadmin.net/ Been using it for awhile now. Pretty good..
  4. As far as I know all the mods are freely available here on this site. That's where I got most of them. I did take out my paid version of infistar and SM Menu features. IF I missed anything please pass it along as I am not wanting to infringe. It might just be an honest mistake on my part.
  5. Since I moved onto a new map. I figured I would send this out to the public on whoever wanted it. I will not be providing support for the map any longer. So if you decide to run with it, your on your own. Just about everything is there for ya to run on a dedicated server. Enjoy https://github.com/Falcon911/Exile-Militarized
  6. Correct?
  7. yeap
  8. Not working.. No errors on my part ....Seems to make the client's invulnerable. Added both in: ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage = "addons\ace_medical\functions\fnc_addDamageToUnit.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onHit = "addons\ace_medical\functions\fnc_addDamageToUnit.sqf";
  9. Care to share? @MrFreeTrax
  10. Same here. I did try the old version, but kept hitting error on the Define.hpp butting up against the most wanted hpp file..
  11. Anyway we can get a toast popup message when the duck is found? This is providing some fun thus far.
  12. Got it to finally work. Had to follow the instruction very closely..esp the actions about migrating the overwrites. Pick away at my server files if you like.. I try and keep this updated as much as possible. https://github.com/Falcon911/Exile-Militarized
  13. I'm thinking he means that the infistar logs are not being added to the DB. Use USE_LOG_TO_DATABASE = "true"; in the EXILE_AHAT_Config.hpp
  14. Ohh I like that addition to the poptabs.. @aussie battler Can you share out your full Markers.sqf file?
  15. The desert..you lose a bet? OK I took yours and compared it. Looks the same. (Minor differences on some other stuff which looks like your running) Hell I even ran it to see what would happen. Same damn issue. I must have some kind of Server override running thats give the EXAD a handjob