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  1. marcelotk

    OutPost-99 Exile Lingor
  2. I use it a long time ago, and work fine for me. ExileClient_util_gear_getCompatibleWeaponItems.sqf ExileClient_util_item_getCompatibleWeaponItems.sqf And I got here:
  3. marcelotk

    Drag body script

    Any news with this in exile? I Want to do it.
  4. marcelotk

    Exilemod Loot Position Creator

    Anyone know if tents (like this can't spawn loot? Because i create the positions for him but no spawn any loot, and when i press 7 to auto-generate this tents they are ignored, so i'm thinking the arma ignored this buildings types to spawn loot.
  5. So I think Enigma Revive is a great mod but I feel like it's missing something the timer should be able to be stopped or slowed down by the use of a bandage. This process of applying the bandage should be quick. Is this an option you can add to you mod? I think the bandage is useless, but if you add this feature, It would give it purpose...
  6. marcelotk

    8G Bullet Cam

    Why not a spy bullet? Not damage only to ground in something and we can control the camera with xm8, not forever (or server restart), maybe with a battery, 5 min or less, i don't know is just an idea
  7. marcelotk

    Chop Wood Script directly in Vehicle

    @Fewufu ty broh, now it works fine. I don't know why before not working, but ty.
  8. marcelotk

    Enigma Exile RandomSpawns

    About remove makers from map, nothing? I really want to make this. btw... this need update, any option to respawn, no random too, and bug layout.
  9. marcelotk

    Chop Wood Script directly in Vehicle

    No, any error. Weird... because i copy and paste too but not work.
  10. marcelotk

    Chop Wood Script directly in Vehicle

    Yes. Maybe u can share your file with me?
  11. marcelotk

    [SOLVED] This normal?

    Maybe because this ?
  12. marcelotk

    [CLOSED] Exile app not compatible with Samsung S3

    Really i don't know but must be some app function.
  13. marcelotk

    Chop Wood Script directly in Vehicle

    With this no wood more, no more wood in floor and not in vehicle. I tested in Exile 1.0.1.
  14. marcelotk

    [CLOSED] Exile app not compatible with Samsung S3

    What is your android version in S3, Exile APP requires 5.0 +.
  15. You not want share editor file?