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  1. Kovacs.

    Remote Laser Designators

    Working lazer designators would be a nice start.
  2. There are still some serious issues with re spawning. Dying after you have re spawned for no reason. Maybe if you haven't waited long enough before hitting the re spawn button. Also when landing near a slope with your parachute, you can sometimes be dropped too far from the ground and take enough damage to kill you after having taken a few steps. While on the topic of death, I want to know if it is intentional to have use die so quickly upon running out of food or water. I mean you can last longer under water without Oxygen than you can without drinking the stuff. I know a lot of people that have died this way, usually when trying to make a base or in combat. I don't think there is any need for this mechanic to work in this way. At least give us 1% health loss per second. That seems very reasonable to me. Not something that can be ignored, but long enough to get to somewhere that has food/drink. The fact that your legs stop working fairly quickly makes this change even more pressing.
  3. Kovacs.

    Loosing Poptabs and respect after death

    I noticed that my Respect was reset after killing some AI just now.
  4. Kovacs.

    Weapon attachments duplicating

    The Marksman LMG's dupe the bipods too. More annoying than anything else.
  5. Kovacs.

    Loosing Poptabs and respect after death

    Nothing to do with Vehicles. Its not even limited to me being killed. The server restarted (I logged out with all my respect and money) and I log in again and had lost all my respect. I log out annoyed. I come back 6 hours later, log in and find I have 0 Poptabs. The mods on the server are : JSRS 2 MAS 1.9 and various AI missions. I don't know whether its server or mod related but its currently almost pointless me playing. The server owner has been very helpful trying to figure it out.
  6. Kovacs.

    Loosing Poptabs and respect after death

    Every time after death I am losing my poptabs and / or respect. Is there anything you know that might be causing this?