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  1. thirdhero

    BEC not working on 64 bit arma 3

    fixed it... after messing with it a bit more noticed that I had the bepath twice in my params removed both and put only one in it fixed it
  2. thirdhero

    BEC not working on 64 bit arma 3

    im pretty sure that is 2302 but whatever ill go for it NOPE didnt work
  3. thirdhero

    BEC not working on 64 bit arma 3

    Having BEC issues 07:18:52 : Lost Connection! 07:18:52 : Closing socket & exiting! 07:19:03 : Lost Connection! 07:19:03 : Closing socket & exiting! 07:21:50 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:21:54 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:21:58 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:22:02 : Lost Connection! 07:22:02 : Closing socket & exiting! I'm using arma3server_x64.exe the server runs fine the necessary modifications to that have been made BEServer_x64.cfg BEC Config.cfg bec startup params server config.cfg (this is a test server all passwords are changing when it goes live) server startup params StartupParameters.cfg
  4. when someone puts a lock on a door that door gets marked for deletion when items get reinforced they get marked for deletion exile.ini mostly all normal (except for account and clan having exile_hive. ) latest extdb log (at the time of post) EDIT: this problem got fixed with the emergency update for the exile.ini
  5. thirdhero

    Database Issue -

    nice catch thanks for that
  6. thirdhero

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    trying to import from m3e here is my export looks like this in the editor but after putting it through the converter its all spawning -1.24121 lower than what its supposed to be on all parts mission config can someone tell me what I did wrong or how to fix my problem ? other than adding 1.24121 to every item.
  7. thirdhero

    0.9.20 "Tomato"

    points are respect you get for a kill respect is used to upgrade your territory when you build a base so you can build in a bigger area
  8. thirdhero

    Pin Code Entry Pad - Stream Friendly UI Not Enough

    that isnt the problem the problem is when you stream and you type the numbers in the numbers show up on the screen when you have a stream friendly UI it disabled your chat and some hud elements and makes the numbers on the screen show up as **** instead of 1234 but it also hides chat what he wants is an option in the Xm8 that lets you turn on the feature to make numbers into **** without having to use the stream friendly ui and disable other hud elements this is a good idea and it would be nice to have especially for streamers