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  1. Did you use the whole package or just the Exile_Server_Config? The files, as they are linked here, work properly. If you deviated from what was provided here, you should be more specific as to what you changed, added, removed or otherwise.
  2. Files updated with the testing assistance of @Chainsaw Squirrel. Let me know if I missed anything.
  3. @Chainsaw Squirrel I'll take a look. I've done nothing with Exile since Oct/Nov. What kind of issues are you having?
  4. From what I read on the Lythium boards, the 1.78 has brought out performance issues with the Lythium map. Unfortunately, as I did not develop the map, I don't think I'd be of any use on this one. Sorry.
  5. I got wrapped up in some other things and never went back to figure it out. Nobody else chimed in, so I am guessing nobody else worked it out.
  6. Any time. I'm glad we were able to figure out where things were going wrong. Feel free to stop by any time. Just remember, we'll be switching to Discord after the 3rd.
  7. If you don't mind, could you put the whole mission.sqm in a spoiler. So far, what I see looks proper.
  8. My sound file "CheckItOut.ogg" is 10kb. Just out of curiosity... Are you using a proper .ogg file, or are you using another format? When you updated the mission.sqm, I'm assuming you incremented the "items = ##" +1? Did you update the location and size of the trigger? And, update the soundPosition to match the object the sound should come from? Let me double check my files to make sure I didn't miss something. I have the server down right now due to time constraints relating to my father's health. But, I can bring it up temporarily to show you how this works on my server. The teamspeak address in my signature is current. I'm usually available to talk from 3pm to midnight CST.
  9. Not sure if this will be helpful in this case. However, a while back, I was trying to figure out how to trigger a sound when approaching my Black Market traders. What I finally came up with worked very well. My goal was to have the sound play so that the triggering player could hear it and not the whole server, while having it seem like the sound was coming from the trader instead of coming off like the sound was all around the player. I utilized "playSound3D", which according to Bohemia, "plays positional sound with given filename on every computer on network." Even so, it worked to play the sound "locally" as opposed to everyone hearing it across the whole server. I also used some code from KillZoneKid that made it possible, since playSound3D doesn't work off sound files that are specified in "CfgSounds" of the description.ext. Bomhemia playSound3D The first thing I did was place the sound file in the "sound" folder within the mission root... mission folder\sound\CheckItOut.ogg Next, I added the following to the top of the init.sqf to provide the triggered playSound3D the ability to understand the "mission root" and actually find the sound // Code needed to make "playsound3D" triggered sounds work (Thanks to KillZoneKid) MISSION_ROOT = call { private "_arr"; _arr = toArray __FILE__; _arr resize (count _arr - 8); toString _arr }; Finally, I added the trigger to the mission.sqm. I used a rectangular trigger area, as I was able to cover the required trigger area more easily. Iset the trigger activation as repeatable and set it to be activated by the "GUER" faction, which should be player only. The X,Y,Z position specified in the "onActivation" is the position of the trader himself, also known as the "soundPosition". The three numbers at the end of the "onActivation" are the Volume, Pitch and Distance. I set the distance at 30, as I did not want the sound going further than that. The Bohemia info states that the 'soundSource" (which I set as "player) is ignored if the "soundPosition" is specified. I can't remember why I specified "player" as the "soundSource", since it should be ignored. But, the code worked exactly as I wanted, so I left it. class Item99 { dataType = "Trigger"; position[] = {5642.1904, 266.55051, 9817.6455}; angle = 1.8865348; class Attributes { name = "TriggerBlackMarket1"; sizeA = 12; sizeB = 10; sizeC = 8; isRectangle = 1; activationBy = "GUER"; repeatable = 1; onActivation = "playSound3D [MISSION_ROOT + ""sound\CheckItOut.ogg"", player, false, [5640.59, 9818.17, 266.557], 25, 1, 30];"; }; id = 199; type = "EmptyDetector"; }; Hope this helps
  10. It looks like you did it right. Did you try what you pasted above? What was the result?
  11. People definitely don't take the time to read. LOL
  12. I just tested the same setup on my server and had no issue. I purchased a Blackfish at the Kinduf Airfield without a problem. See screenshot... http://prntscr.com/h8hm1t
  13. Also, one thing I know will stand in the way, is if another vehicle/object is too close to the spawn location. I had this "No Room" issue with inconsiderate players parking their vehicles in the trade area.
  14. The method I used to test the spawn locations (specifically the airports), was purchasing an Blackfish. Probably the biggest aircraft/vehicle you can purchase. This is why I'm confused as to why these spawn locations seem to be an issue on your server. Based on my testing, I found that the vehicle spawn locations needed to be 45 meters or more away from the aircraft/vehicle vendors. I'll start up my server and test each of the locations, as I am using the same heli pad locations as I included in the Lythium Release. I'll get back to you with the results.