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  1. After adding the UCAV Sentinel, I realized that it's a NATO bird and that (Independant/Guer) players would not be able to use it. So, I added the UAVHacker trait to the players so that the sentinel could be hacked with the UAV Terminal. Here's what to do: NOTE 1: I'm not going to explain how to setup overwrites in this post. There's plenty of info in the forums on how to do that. NOTE 2: If you run infiSTAR, your BadActionCheck and/or BadActionContentCheck setting(s) in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp might cause players to get kicked/banned. You will either need to set both to false or add "Hack UAV" to the allowed actions. Setup overwrites for ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf and ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf if you haven't already done so for another feature/function/addon. If you already have overwrites for these files, just edit those files. ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf After this line: _player setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false, true]; Add this line: _player setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true]; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf After this line: _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileLocker", (_accountData select 4), true]; Add this line: _bambiPlayer setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true];
  2. 03/10/18: Files updated for compatibility with 1.04a (Still have to check over the "fixes") I've put together a set of Lythium Mission files for your pleasure. Even though this isn't strictly Vanilla, I did try to keep the extras useful and easily configurable/changeable. Note 1: After updating to Arma 1.70 and Exile 1.0.3, I noticed that there seems to be some (loud) wind across the map (even during completely clear weather). This is not specific to this map, as Bohemia appears to have updated some environment sounds, making them louder. I was able to reduce the constant loud wind by creating a Lythium specific environment entry in the config.cpp. While this helped, the wind is still loud during bad weather and at higher elevations. I will be trying to further reduce the wind volume as I get time. Note 2: The files I have provided for this Lythium mission (while tested and functional on their own), were done so with the expectation that the person using them will have enough experience and knowledge to then custom configure the mission to their liking. I have no issues providing information about the mission files themselves and specific addons if I use them on my server and have configured them specifically for Lythium. Given that, my preference would be not to turn this thread into a tutorial on how to edit or configure addons, scripts, etc. Features: 60 player slots 4 Safe Traders (which include both airports) Purchased vehicles spawn safely at designated spots All traders have a fuel station/fuel source 2 Spec Ops Traders 3 Mixer Sites (also equipped with workbenches and campfires for EBM use) 9 Spawn Zones Replaced 5 Non-functioning Jbad Fuel Stations with similar Arma versions Only 2 of the original Fuel Stations would and still do auto refuel 9 Fuel Stations added to fill in gaps (with map markers) Fueling is manual on all added fuel stations Added script to remove/hide certain map objects Floating rock by Shoran Trader Create Heli Landing Area by Shoran Trader 5 Non-functioning Fuel Stations mentioned above 2 Fixes included Get Dynamic Vehicles To Only Spawn Within The Lythium Map Area Purchased Vehicles Spawn In Specific Locations At Traders Exile map markers have been colored All 3 default weather patterns enabled Earthquakes disabled Mission.sqm arranged for easier editing of items without too much work Similar/Related items have been grouped together initServer.sqf/iniPlayerLocal.sqf have been configured to make changes easier Each trader location's objects and simple objects are sectioned and labeled Each trader location's NPCs are sectioned and labeled exile_server_config.pbo included with Jbad and FFAA loot positions Jbad positions all done by me, not copied from other sources Loot positions for Arma buildings and more are also included DMS Files Map Config included for use with DMS Occupation static mission with Lythium locations Does not include: - Roulette GitHub Link: - https://github.com/kurewe/Exile-Lythium Requirements: Exile 1.04a - Exile Downloads Jbad - Steam Lythium - Steam
  3. Kurewe

    External Time Until Restart Clock/Timer

    Sorry, I don't visit the site very much these days. If your DB is not automatically updating, it sounds like you missed or messed up step 2 and/or 3 in the instructions. Double check those two steps. Those are the two steps that specifically relate to updating the DB with the restart time.
  4. I made a post the other day asking if anyone knew of a way to display a "time until server restart" clock on a website or some other external location. Outside of using basic pre-programmed countdown timer based on static restart times, the general consensus was that it would need to be created. After doing a couple hours of research and finding nothing, I decided to make one. This basically gives you a way to display the time left until your Exile server restarts on a web site. I've done this in PHP and then "converted" the resulting database info into a "dynamic" image via PHP as well. I opted to convert the data to an image due to the lack of PHP on Enjin and more importantly, because you get a much better and more customizable display of the data. If you have any web development abilities, you should be able to adapt what I've done to suit your needs. When first connecting to the database and when reconnecting after a period of time, It can take a couple seconds while it connects to the database and performs the query. If anyone has an idea on how to speed up that connect/query, feel free to let me know. PREREQUISITES: Some basic web development knowledge You'll need access to a website to upload/store the files The website where you host the files must have PHP and have GD Support enabled. GD Support (Graphics Drawing Support) is what allows the conversion of the query result into an image. A site hosted on GoDaddy for example, will typically have what you need. The ability to follow my detailed instructions I've included detailed instructions in the README.md on how to set this up. If you're still confused, post here and I will answer to the best of my abilities. *** GitHub Files ***
  5. Did you use the whole package or just the Exile_Server_Config? The files, as they are linked here, work properly. If you deviated from what was provided here, you should be more specific as to what you changed, added, removed or otherwise.
  6. Files updated with the testing assistance of @Chainsaw Squirrel. Let me know if I missed anything.
  7. @Chainsaw Squirrel I'll take a look. I've done nothing with Exile since Oct/Nov. What kind of issues are you having?
  8. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I started noticing this every time a player logs into my server. My test server was doing the same thing, so I wiped the test server DB and checked again. Same issue. Not sure exactly when it started. Any ideas?
  9. From what I read on the Lythium boards, the 1.78 has brought out performance issues with the Lythium map. Unfortunately, as I did not develop the map, I don't think I'd be of any use on this one. Sorry.
  10. Kurewe

    Floating player names/icons (group only/all)

    I got wrapped up in some other things and never went back to figure it out. Nobody else chimed in, so I am guessing nobody else worked it out.
  11. Kurewe

    Creating a activation trigger

    Any time. I'm glad we were able to figure out where things were going wrong. Feel free to stop by any time. Just remember, we'll be switching to Discord after the 3rd.
  12. Kurewe

    Creating a activation trigger

    If you don't mind, could you put the whole mission.sqm in a spoiler. So far, what I see looks proper.
  13. Kurewe

    Creating a activation trigger

    My sound file "CheckItOut.ogg" is 10kb. Just out of curiosity... Are you using a proper .ogg file, or are you using another format? When you updated the mission.sqm, I'm assuming you incremented the "items = ##" +1? Did you update the location and size of the trigger? And, update the soundPosition to match the object the sound should come from? Let me double check my files to make sure I didn't miss something. I have the server down right now due to time constraints relating to my father's health. But, I can bring it up temporarily to show you how this works on my server. The teamspeak address in my signature is current. I'm usually available to talk from 3pm to midnight CST.
  14. Kurewe

    Creating a activation trigger

    Not sure if this will be helpful in this case. However, a while back, I was trying to figure out how to trigger a sound when approaching my Black Market traders. What I finally came up with worked very well. My goal was to have the sound play so that the triggering player could hear it and not the whole server, while having it seem like the sound was coming from the trader instead of coming off like the sound was all around the player. I utilized "playSound3D", which according to Bohemia, "plays positional sound with given filename on every computer on network." Even so, it worked to play the sound "locally" as opposed to everyone hearing it across the whole server. I also used some code from KillZoneKid that made it possible, since playSound3D doesn't work off sound files that are specified in "CfgSounds" of the description.ext. Bomhemia playSound3D The first thing I did was place the sound file in the "sound" folder within the mission root... mission folder\sound\CheckItOut.ogg Next, I added the following to the top of the init.sqf to provide the triggered playSound3D the ability to understand the "mission root" and actually find the sound // Code needed to make "playsound3D" triggered sounds work (Thanks to KillZoneKid) MISSION_ROOT = call { private "_arr"; _arr = toArray __FILE__; _arr resize (count _arr - 8); toString _arr }; Finally, I added the trigger to the mission.sqm. I used a rectangular trigger area, as I was able to cover the required trigger area more easily. Iset the trigger activation as repeatable and set it to be activated by the "GUER" faction, which should be player only. The X,Y,Z position specified in the "onActivation" is the position of the trader himself, also known as the "soundPosition". The three numbers at the end of the "onActivation" are the Volume, Pitch and Distance. I set the distance at 30, as I did not want the sound going further than that. The Bohemia info states that the 'soundSource" (which I set as "player) is ignored if the "soundPosition" is specified. I can't remember why I specified "player" as the "soundSource", since it should be ignored. But, the code worked exactly as I wanted, so I left it. class Item99 { dataType = "Trigger"; position[] = {5642.1904, 266.55051, 9817.6455}; angle = 1.8865348; class Attributes { name = "TriggerBlackMarket1"; sizeA = 12; sizeB = 10; sizeC = 8; isRectangle = 1; activationBy = "GUER"; repeatable = 1; onActivation = "playSound3D [MISSION_ROOT + ""sound\CheckItOut.ogg"", player, false, [5640.59, 9818.17, 266.557], 25, 1, 30];"; }; id = 199; type = "EmptyDetector"; }; Hope this helps
  15. It looks like you did it right. Did you try what you pasted above? What was the result?
  16. People definitely don't take the time to read. LOL
  17. I just tested the same setup on my server and had no issue. I purchased a Blackfish at the Kinduf Airfield without a problem. See screenshot... http://prntscr.com/h8hm1t
  18. Also, one thing I know will stand in the way, is if another vehicle/object is too close to the spawn location. I had this "No Room" issue with inconsiderate players parking their vehicles in the trade area.
  19. The method I used to test the spawn locations (specifically the airports), was purchasing an Blackfish. Probably the biggest aircraft/vehicle you can purchase. This is why I'm confused as to why these spawn locations seem to be an issue on your server. Based on my testing, I found that the vehicle spawn locations needed to be 45 meters or more away from the aircraft/vehicle vendors. I'll start up my server and test each of the locations, as I am using the same heli pad locations as I included in the Lythium Release. I'll get back to you with the results.
  20. @Chainsaw Squirrel Are these lines still int he custom code? //Loot Table Fix To Keep Compatibility Between 1.03b - 1.03e ExileServer_system_lootManager_initialize = "fixes\ExileServer_system_lootManager_initialize.sqf"; //Get Dynamic Vehicles To Only Spawn Within The Lythium Map Area ExileServer_world_spawnVehicles = "fixes\ExileServer_world_spawnVehicles.sqf"; //Purchased Vehicles Spawn In Specific Locations At Traders ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest = "fixes\ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf";
  21. Did you change anything in the initserver.sqf? Did you change the CfgExileCustomCode section of the mission config.cpp? It does work by default with the files I provided.
  22. There should be. I included the helipad for vehicle/aircraft spawning at all the traders. I tested each of the locations.
  23. Kurewe

    Cant cut down trees

    Make sure you've update Lythium on your server to the latest version. It just updated yesterday.
  24. Kurewe

    Loot suddenly stopped spawning

    No problem. No kisses needed, just a like or two. LOL Just remember that for the future. If anything stops working on Lythium, like loot, chopping trees, doors not opening... check for a map update. Also, be sure to check the other thread. I noticed something about your infiSTAR that you'll want to check on.