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  1. The Taru helicopter causes big time FPS drop when you fly near a base, this has been the case with both myself and others on my server. When flying the Hummingbird I have 65-70 fps, with the Taru it's around 15. You don't even have to fly it close to the base, all you need is having it parked close to the base. I'm pretty sure this occurred after updating to the new version of Arma 3. Anyone else experience this? -Anti
  2. ANTi

    Web Based Exile Loot Compiler

    Not sure if you've figured this out yet, but you need to name each table like this: >NameOfTable 1,Exile_Item_Food1 2,Exile_Item_Food2 and so on.
  3. Mangos, you Sir, are the real MVP!!! Was having issues with the M3 editor and it crashed every 10-15 minutes from some memory issue so I had to use the Eden editor. This finally allows me to export objects for my server. Thanks!
  4. ANTi

    Car Keys and Locking

    Some Suggestions. Make it up to the server admin to enable/disable. Have a trader where you can buy a new key if you lose it. (Car customs can do this maybe) Have keypad be something you can buy for you car from the trader, thus eliminating the need for a key. Make a key copying kit you can find/buy to make copies of your keys. Make keys the standard for houses as well. With the option of buying codelocks.
  5. So i got distracted by something on my second monitor and crashed my ATV into a grand pine tree. I died and spawned while falling as usual. This time though, the engine sound from my idling ATV kept looping in my right air non stop even after the respawn. I tried respawning again, aka I got shot. Same thing again, the ATV still idling in my right ear. I take it this is not a feature. I also lost my bambi state mid air during my second respawn, I felt violated. -Anti
  6. The "take all" feature only picks up a few items, for example when picking up loot from your dead body, it only takes a few items but leaves gun etc on the ground. Especially frustrating when trying to pick up wood logs, it picks up a few logs then you have to drag and drop the rest. Not sure if this is a Exile issue, might be Arma. - ANTi
  7. ANTi

    [SOLVED] Prices

    ::Vest:: Tactical Vest Cost 300, only has 36 armour. Other tactical vests cost 50, has 24 armour. Why would anyone ever buy the police armour? Chest Rig 0 armour / 140 cap costs 20, Bandolier has 0 armour/ 80 cap, costs 30. Again why buy the Bandolier? :: Backpacks :: Hunting pack is overpriced. :: Guns :: MX Series is overpriced, same damage as katiba no? yet katibas start at 150 vs MX starting at 350, 250 if you go for the LMG version which should be more expensive with that 100 round mag. :: Vehicles :: Why would you ever buy a 48k truck? Especially the one with the 50l gas tank . These are just some examples, in general I think the whole pricing system needs some attention before release. The prices for vehicles vs weapons also seems pretty imbalanced, I'm all for making it a bit harder to get vehicles but it got a bit crazy imo. -Anti
  8. This is properly annoying^^ A solution for moving the flag could be making it turn red and non placable if one of the pieces are outside the base sphere. Same concept they use when you try and place a wall outside of your territory's sphere.
  9. ANTi

    Stairs / Porthole

    I've noticed it as well, if you run down the stairs and the bottom of the staircase is next to a wall you some times get knocked out.