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  1. IPeedInUrButt

    [SOLVED] Infistar website issue

    It works, thank you for taking care of this so quickly @infiSTAR! appreciate you.
  2. IPeedInUrButt

    [SOLVED] Infistar website issue

    Yeah, I am getting the same issue here. Tried a lot of different things. Had The Old Man try giving me a hand from your discord as well @infiSTAR . Any sort of direction to getting this hashed out so I can update Infistar would be very appreciated, thanks.
  3. IPeedInUrButt

    Updating DS to 1.68

    this is the .bat I use, just fill in some of the areas and run it. Set path to a new folder set up just for ARMA updates, then replace old stuff from new folder with the new ARMA files.
  4. IPeedInUrButt

    Looking for Developer/Scripter

    come onto ts psymon, I will help you out with that.
  5. IPeedInUrButt

    Holy BE filters Batman

    Anyone have a lock on all the BE filters yet? It seems players joining a server without the purchased version of APEX is causing an obscene amount of BE kicks. Been at it for like an hour just adding one after another, but now am stuck on this... #19 "Velocity [100 * (sin _azi), 100 * (cos _azi), 0]; }; createvehiclecrew _veh; _crew = crew _veh; _crew joinsilent _grp; _grp ad" I added this to line 21 createVechicleCrew !="Velocity [100 * (sin _azi), 100 * (cos _azi), 0];\n};\ncreatevehiclecrew _veh;\n_crew = crew _veh;\n_crew joinsilent _grp;\n_grp ad" Still everyone and their pervert Uncle Lester without the purchased version of APEX is being kicked for it. What is going wrong?
  6. IPeedInUrButt

    Extended Base Mod

    I have noticed that with your mod and the new 0.9.8 Kiwi update, that for some reason exile concrete walls are easily destroyed via satchel charges, any input?
  7. IPeedInUrButt

    Black Screen after Kiwi Update

    Updated, had the server up...went for a restart, and issue happened again out of the blue, and my main dev went to work.
  8. IPeedInUrButt

    Black Screen after Kiwi Update

    Welcome to the party bud.
  9. IPeedInUrButt

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Ufff, Taylor Swift is a babe...
  10. IPeedInUrButt


    Disable fog all together, even when I have it set to 0.0 it still pops its ugly head from time to time.
  11. IPeedInUrButt

    Add Axe to Traders

    You just need to drop the axe, and pick it up, reloads and will work.
  12. IPeedInUrButt

    [SOLVED] AOP clan warfare---need password?

    appreciate the enthusiasm bud, but yeah was for sure the wrong place to ask about that.
  13. does it happen to be a part of the "families" and fighting for territory? (Pls)
  14. Yeah, Lunchbox handled that awhile ago. I appreciate the help none the less bud!
  15. lol, yeah our InfiSTAR was spammed with hack errors for this and the check for extended base mod. Had to stop that real quick.