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  1. FluffyBunnyFee

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    Is the virtual garage raidable in any way? I loves to steal all the loots in a base....
  2. FluffyBunnyFee

    Arma 1.72 Bugs Megathread!! READ THE RULES!!

    Wow, and here I was expecting to read a shit show of "Oh my god! My server won't work!" comments.
  3. FluffyBunnyFee

    Exile Sandbox

    LOL!!! This guy can't be serious, right?
  4. FluffyBunnyFee

    Exile continues!

    Monthly subscription? Fuck that.
  5. FluffyBunnyFee

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

  6. FluffyBunnyFee

    [SOLVED] Use of Cement Support post for Flag Protection

    Ask the staff of the server you play on. The forums here are a general forum for Exile mod itself. They don't host the individual servers or make the rules on said servers.
  7. FluffyBunnyFee

    Earthquake destroyed the base

    Strange, I thought the only thing that could destroy them were the proper breach charges...... I know the EQ can take down map buildings, but I have never seen them take down a player made base. That is a new one in my book.
  8. FluffyBunnyFee

    Earthquake destroyed the base

    Are you talking about actual build objects like wood floors and walls, ar are you talking about a base built in a map spawned building that collapses when an earthquake hit?
  9. FluffyBunnyFee

    Backpack bug

    Exactly this.
  10. FluffyBunnyFee

    First person view server

    Only decent one I have found with population is a hardcore Tanoa server. I will not state the name due to advertising rules, but if you filter your A3 launcher to Tanoa Exile, it will be there with around 15 players in average population....give it a whirl.
  11. FluffyBunnyFee

    Placement of flags/indestructible stuff

    Fine. I will prove my point in game.
  12. FluffyBunnyFee

    Placement of flags/indestructible stuff

    Example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746138286 And things like this would not be curbed by having to do anything at the flagpole. Buildable, removable, indestructible. This is what is allowed when admins don't enforce anything and leave game exploits allowed on servers.
  13. FluffyBunnyFee

    Placement of flags/indestructible stuff

    They may not be able to move the flag, but the items they build on top of one to stop flag steals can be removed and replaced at will. Thus, having the need to do "something" at your flag will not curb the issue. " but let's face it, people don't join random servers and then immediately hit up their website for the rules." Actually, every single player in my group does just that every single time we start on a server and prepare to build. We make sure we don't break any rules while building. It's called being prepared and knowing the server you play on. To me, this flag BS is a blatant glitch/ exploit. And the fact that some admins won't even bother to try and curb the issue loses you more players than the ones that break a rule and pay the price. All players know EVERY server has rules. It is their own fault if they choose not to take a couple seconds and make sure they are not breaking rules beforehand. So, you are more worried about losing players that willingly and blatantly exploit a known glitch, over the rest of the players on your server that play legit? That makes no sense. As far as I am concerned, this boils down to laziness of server admins to enforce a simple rule of no glitching or exploiting (which every single server out there has), and it will cost you more players than the ones you fear would leave because they were caught not following rules. Would it be nice if Exile devs somehow manage to fix the issue to where this kind of thing doesn't happen? Absolutely, this would be fantastic. But that doesn't mean in the meantime you or anyone else as a server owner/admin cannot do something to curb the issue themselves.
  14. FluffyBunnyFee

    Placement of flags/indestructible stuff

    The problem is, having a function that you have to do at the flagpole will not alleviate the issue itself. Base owners can remove and replace at their will. This would honestly change nothing with glitching of flags into buildable items because of that simple fact. It still happened when you needed to upgrade your flag at your pole. What needs to happen is have some kind of check to determine if the flag pole itself is "buried" in something, and prevent it altogether. Whether that be while placing down a flag into a map object, or players trying to build overtop of a flagpole. This is a tricky thing to do at the moment, because 90% of all bases across all servers have their flag build through a floor at some point (as the flag currently sits @ over 2 stories high, some players only encase them 1 or 2 stories to protect from a flag steal) To be perfectly honest, it is not really that hard to enforce a rule that prevents this from happening. Post a rule that any buildable objects on a flag base, or sinking it into something will lead to a ban, If that doesn't curb the specific base, delete the flag next time. Wait for a player to report it, and deal with the issue. Only takes a couple and the rest fall in line. This is typical across pretty much any servers I have played on.