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  1. Lunchbox

    [XM8 App] Personal Base Location Markers

    Sorry, I am on the forum all the time, I just never log in, I don't care if anyone use my scripts or edit them, as long as it's not for profit.
  2. Lunchbox

    Tanoa Island Access

    You don't need the devs to do this, you can do it yourself.
  3. Lunchbox

    "AiA_Core" requirres addon "A3_Air_F"

    AiA is no longer supported, so people having issues will have no choice but to go to cups since CUPS is the update to AiA.
  4. Lunchbox

    So uhh no key in exile client download?

    NM, in server files, disregard.
  5. Just bringing it to the attention of the community, lol.
  6. I did some testing for the upcoming 1.60 patch this week and exile doesn't work at all. if (ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 18:404 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 18:404 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilesystemthreaddelays 18:404 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_thread_threadAdjust.sqf, line 12 18:404 Error in expression <hreadID = param [4, false]; _threadId = ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI> 18:404 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI>
  7. To answer the question of yours since no one answered it, other than to advertise his buddies anti DDoS' services and shit on everyone. The answer is: Depends. DDos attacks come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how much DDos protection you have, if the attack is large enough, no company or protection can stop it. You'll just have to weather it, like a bad storm. All DDoS protection does for you, is stop a small fry from taking down your server on a whim, that's all.
  8. Sure donors help, but at the end of the day, a privately owned forum/business is not a venue that has to support free speech and a donation doesn't support entitlement. Unless I got something wrong here, you donate because you like the work being done, not because it should give you free speech, and it doesn't. Yeah, last I checked, I used one piece of code from Omnicidal, which isn't even the same anymore. Anyway, last I checked, 1=/= half when I have 30+ scripts. You're barking up the wrong tree if you think you would tug at my heart strings by making a comment like that. I simply don't care. Period. To top it all off, I wasn't even attacking you, I was just simply pointing out that a privately held forum does not have to support free speech and you felt the need to immediately attack. You my friend, cannot take any criticism, which is a bad flaw to have. Calm down and drink some tea.
  9. Lunchbox

    1 or 2 crashes per day

    I am experiencing this as well. Once I increased my paging file to a larger size most of the crashes stopped. I now crash once every couple of days. If I had to guess, Arma3server.exe has a memory leak. I don't run the mods you run, so I doubt it's your mods.
  10. Just to be fair, free speech doesn't apply on a privately owned forum. Do you think this is some sort of government here?
  11. Yeah, that's really weird, I don't know what's going on there.
  12. Well if you put it at the top, it'll wait until you are loaded in completely before loading the trader information. Which could cause some unforeseen issues. You can try putting it in init.sqf instead, it will still probably work. I have a REALLY custom initplayerlocal so there might be something I am missing.
  13. It looks fine, weird. On a side note: To remove your memory errors, increase your paging file. I had the same issue until I did that. The size of the paging file should be 1.5 times the size of your ram.