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  1. I did some research and came up with this after aligning 3 map parts from my area. In L3DT I have a terrain as I see everyday. It's just green I will keep trying till something happens.
  2. Hey Exiles, I have a real need for a custom map designer or team, to work together building the newest and in my view the best map for survival since Cherno. The Valley is where I live in real life. It's in way Northern Utah USA. See pics (and very soon will add video link of the actual ground) below. I have tried on several occasions to watch tutorials and such to create the map. I have never even had a visually correct model in the designing tools. If anyone has real experience or at the least a true understanding of how the maps are created, please connect with me and let's turn this place into the best map that Arma 3 exile has ever seen. PICTURE:
  3. [SOLVED] There was far far more at play here than a simple mission error. The wrong files were used (broken ones) to try and fix. We started from scratch (Started over from the working PBO) and within 5 minutes the server was running as expected. This started from wanting to add 6 map markers. It snowballed from there. LESSON LEARNED: When in doubt, start fresh until you can learn to do things in a structured way. This is NOT an insult, this is the truth. We all started somewhere. We have ALL been in this exact situation. As long as you learn from the errors that is what is important. Josh
  4. Adding 6 markers is very easy. I see where you destroyed everything. Please paste your original working mission.sqm
  5. ok - need the original mission please as well. That I can help with
  6. https://discord.gg/ct6QMY ill be in this discord for the next 10 minutes. @Lincoln.
  7. Not really. Here is the real answer on this one... Use 3den editor Start from scratch This file is so messed up brother. Its got so many added items and classes. Starting over will teach you how, and at the same time provide you FASTER resolution. trust me. This is a mess.
  8. This is too far gone for me. There is so many errors. what map is this for? What program did you use to do this ? @Lincoln.
  9. yes. Please post the file to Pastebin.com and provide link. Thanks, Josh
  10. That makes a lot more sense, I completely understand sorry Bud. I wish I could help more the only thing I would say is to replace it with the stock one if it's possible, as a test if nothing else.
  11. Touching it always ends up bad. arma 2, this was the holy grail that set servers apart, SHARPLY. it's not worth touching. I have had low, mid and full for months servers without any issues whatsoever and the players never complained about desync or any other bandwidth / performance related issues. I realize that there will be other comments on here that say, "Oh, he doesn't know what he's talking about" and that's perfectly fine. This is only my opinion and my experience. Good luck with this though. Reporting back here the results would be a welcome change.
  12. How are you shutting down the server? What's the specs of the server? Has it ever worked correctly? When it started what changes were made? If you reply, I will do my best to assist you.
  13. Hey pastebin your initPlayerlocal and your config.cfg from the root of @ExileServer I will take a look. Can you also please provide the latest RPT in pastebin?
  14. Looking at your initial post, It seems that infiSTAR is the culprit. I would suggest redoing the install of infistar.
  15. 21.02.2018 14:35:46: Ral(76561198317041995) isAdmin? false: SLOG_SKICK: Ral(76561198317041995) | I somehow totally missed this part of your initial post. Redo the infistar install. Another video showing infistar install end to end.