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  1. GamersRoost

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    We had soooooo many more than we should have but here is ones that maybe affected it. I also realize some of these should not work together. We hacked up lots of stuff to get it all working and were always shocked when it did. Here goes. **EDIT** we were running Infistar yes. Zupa's capture points - but VERY heavy customized VEMF with headless client (HC2) A3Xai With Headless (HC1) (40 ish AI ramping to around 70 at capacity (50 players) DMS / Occupation but only for the taxis and air transport The A3Xai was the missions that would literally rip a hole through you or miss and it was like THUD 4...3...2....1 SNAP SNAP. They were a ways away. Missed very rarely. If I can expand on anything let me know. Im trying to live a Tl Dr; life.
  2. GamersRoost

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    Hmm - Then I think I am out of thoughts. I know one thing is for sure... I had an Australia server where AI would shoot you dead from one edge of the salt flats to almost the middle. We had a player with a base in the middle. Im going to guesstimate it was 1100m. He complained and we had to move the mission. He was losing lots of vehicles and could not face west and build twice a server cycle LOL ….
  3. GamersRoost

    map spawn locations?

    Hey Heywood, Please post your list of the "scripts that limit this" in case another time someone is searching and comes across this thread. Forums work best this way. Josh
  4. GamersRoost

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    I feel this is part of the skill level of the AI themselves. The better they are at "spotting" the farter out they will snatch a fool by the neck. Looking in VEMF (I realize you don't utilize this as you said) I see these lines : class Hardcore { accuracy = 0.4; aimingShake = 0.20; aimingSpeed = 0.3; endurance = 0.25; spotDistance = 0.5; spotTime = 0.85; courage = 1; reloadSpeed = 0.3; commanding = 1; general = 0.7; }; Maybe check out how he's configured this? Credit for GITHub taht I found: @IT07
  5. GamersRoost

    map spawn locations?

    Are you using a custom spawner?
  6. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    I may be able to drum up some old.... oh wait there they are...… The Intro song which I made from the all famous song is "HERE" which is almost perfectly timed for respawns. Kangaroo mission is / was fun. I have more missions somewhere too for DMS called Brindi's house, Steve's been captured, Terri needs vaccine and a few others. Custom kill feed said "Some bloke was killed by a Native. " and then we had the "Weapon" show as this: good times lol. I'm downloading Arma 3
  7. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    Ill build you a working one with a coupe of traders in major cities to get you started with the format of the traders and unlocked prisons if you guys want. You can do the redux (very cool map) and when I am done you can see if it's what you wanted. Only thing, is that my real life work requires a high level of focus, so I cant respond to messages or the such during the day, but I can work on it for you guys and get you something in a week or so ish if it's worth it.
  8. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    @kuplion will have to confirm since it's been a VERY long time since I saw a trader. Did the trader format change to something different than this, or did it change TO this format? If the traders are not showing up in the server is there a server RPT log error ? Can you pastebin the RPT for me ? (remove personal info if any from RPT).
  9. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    Far from dumb i'm sure. Glad you figured it out. Josh
  10. GamersRoost

    The easy way to install infiSTAR EXILE version 90
  11. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    In my experience, few players went to the big cities. The lag is only client side, and the map is amazing for large scale fun.
  12. GamersRoost

    Australia Map Developer here

    Hey Red, Let me know if you need ANY help on this. I used to have this for my community, and it was the favorite map for every player. I agree with the previous posts, that the cities are very laggy. I even had a bridge from the mainland to the island to the south that has like an entire area no one used. Wood was a challenge to farm until you update the class names, prisons were locked until you add a very short line in the init.sqf you will create. I had 6 traders for the map size and they were all custom with custom animations. I used your trader mod for this and every other map I have made, so any help I can give would reward me greatly. Email me at or find me on Steam. GamersRoost . Josh
  13. GamersRoost

    Napf Island A3

    I could be wrong, but it sounds like your mission config may have way too many spawned cars or objects. I used this map for literally years with 30 - 40 players regular and have recently considered putting up another one. Is it all stock ?
  14. I did some research and came up with this after aligning 3 map parts from my area. In L3DT I have a terrain as I see everyday. It's just green I will keep trying till something happens.
  15. Hey Exiles, I have a real need for a custom map designer or team, to work together building the newest and in my view the best map for survival since Cherno. The Valley is where I live in real life. It's in way Northern Utah USA. See pics (and very soon will add video link of the actual ground) below. I have tried on several occasions to watch tutorials and such to create the map. I have never even had a visually correct model in the designing tools. If anyone has real experience or at the least a true understanding of how the maps are created, please connect with me and let's turn this place into the best map that Arma 3 exile has ever seen. PICTURE: