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    the purchased item disappears

    If I'm correct, I think what he's trying to say is the same problem I'm currently having. Certain items purchased from the traders, such as primary weapons, will be deleted from your character when you log out. It's deleting those items either when you log out, or when you log in. So logging back in means your primary weapon is gone. This has also happened with some secondary weapons as well. I'm only seeing this happen with certain weapons, such as those from RHS and NIA. Arma and Exile weapons don't seem to be affected by this problem. Personally, I'm using infistar but I have the item blacklist option disabled, so technically anything available on the traders should be safe to use. I do see some odd errors popping up in my .rpt, but I have no idea what's causing it. I'm told it's something in the exile/server files, but I can't see anything that has been modified that would cause the issue. Below is a small section of my .rpt, and these errors continue to spam as long as I have certain weapons equipped from those mods. Another section of my .rpt shows errors specifically related to the weapon my character has equipped.
  2. Ninja2dan

    Custom Image on billbords?

    First you need to make sure you have the image in the correct format, and the image is added to your mission folder. To change the image, you can either select the image location while in the editor, or change the path in the initServer.sqf file. I suggest using .paa format for all images, with 512x256 dimensions, and you can convert images to .paa format using the Arma Tools. You'll see an option called ImagetoPaa, which will allow the conversion. The tools are available on Steam, just look for "Arma 3 Tools" in the store (it's free).
  3. Ninja2dan

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    I am seeing some problems with this tool not extracting all items. My latest attempt to extract the weapons from NIA is only extracting 2 optics, no suppressors, etc. It looks like most of the weapons are extracting, but almost none of the attachments. All items from this mod share the "hlc" prefix, and those items are visible in the virtual arsenal. Any ideas?
  4. Ninja2dan

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    #3 in your above notes. You need to copy the entire testConfig.Altis folder, not just the config. This tool requires a lot of scripts to function, and copying only the config will do nothing. You shouldn't need to do all that about moving the camera to the blue box, etc. Just click the play/preview button on the bottom-right. You'll load in as a character standing on the runway of the main airport, and you'll have several options on the scroll wheel. Choose the option for the classnames you want to extract, wait until the message says it has completed, then tab out and paste into a text file. As you have noticed, this is an Altis mission file, so you need to load the editor with the Altis map. You don't do ANYTHING else. Don't move the camera, don't click on shit, etc. Load the mission, click on play/preview, and access your character's scroll menu for the type of classnames you need.
  5. Ninja2dan

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Double check all of the lines, making sure there is a "," where needed. If you commented out or uncommented some lines, you may need to adjust those as necessary.
  6. Ninja2dan

    Red_Ned Z Missions

    Which faction do your AI belong to? Which factions do the uniforms belong to? Are you using addons such as CUP, RHS, etc? You might need to change the adduniform command to forceadduniform.
  7. Ninja2dan

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Is anyone else familiar with this "mod" enough to be comfortable in updating files and creating a custom version? If so, I'd be willing to compensate for it. Feel free to PM me if you're interested, and I can discuss the details further.
  8. Ninja2dan

    Territory upgrades respect bound

    I was actually about to scour the forums looking to see if anyone had figured this out yet. I'd like to see servers using a respect-based requirement for territory upgrades, which could extend the challenge of "maxing" out everything and getting bored of the game so fast. Combined with other mechanics to increase longevity for players, this may help retain players in Exile, and maybe get more people interested. The community has plenty of talented scripters, so I'm hoping someone has or will have the solution to this question.
  9. I'm needing some kind of script or code that I can use to remove objects on the map at server load, such as curbs. I have been trying some code that works great in the editor, but fails to work on the live server. For example, I can place the code below into the init of a battery, flagging the battery as s simple object and to not show the model. It then removes all curbs, bushes, trees, trash cans, or other objects (not buildings) within the radius called by the code. When I preview the map in the editor with the batteries and init code in the mission.sqm, it works. The curbs are gone, without any "ghost" object to bump into. It's vital that this works due to my trader layout, but when I add those items and code into the mission.sqm for the server, those items are not removed. I've already talked with a few very talented scripters, and so far they have not been able to provide a working solution. I have seen a few other servers that have curbs or other items removed on their maps, so I know it's possible. But so far nobody has been willing to share how to do it. I'm left with posting on the forums here and asking if anyone else either knows of an existing method that actually works, or is willing to create something that works. I'm on a fixed income, but I'm willing to compensate someone if necessary if they can make this happen.
  10. Ninja2dan

    [SOLVED] Looking for "remove item" script

    First you want to determine the radius of the array that you need to use, such as 10m radius around that point. Place an item or items at the locations you want to use for the array, something that can easily be identified. For example, I placed a bunch of batteries on the ground where I needed the coordinates. Copy the coord from the mission.sqm file, but you will need to convert them to work with the script. For example, if you place an object in the editor at the point you need, then grab the coord from the mission.sqm, the coord may look like this: position[] = {5908.18, 0, 20160.3}; Notice that the format is incorrect, the "0" needs to be at the end of the array. Change the above to look like the format below: position[] = {5908.18, 20160.3, 0}; You're just moving the "0" to the end, instead of the middle. Once you have the coordinates, you do not need the items on the map anymore. So if you placed a bunch of batteries to grab their coordinates from the mission.sqm, you can delete after you have the coordinates. As a note, make sure you have exactly enough arrays defined in _markerarray, and you have the correct radius defined per location. This script will remove quite a few items, including buildings, so use with caution and test it out first. I was also warned that removing objects in a very large radius or having a lot of smaller arrays may cause severe lag on startup. Could even crash a server.
  11. Ninja2dan

    Blank Spaces In Server Trader

    The instructions don't currently mention it, but you also need to comment out or delete the mods you aren't using in the CfgTraders.hpp file. This will remove most of the blank spaces. But I am still seeing a few that are blank due to categories leading to missing entries. Also note that several mods are not updated, and many items are not listed. For example, the SpecOps trader has categories defined for Apex launchers and Apex launcher ammo, but neither of those categories are defined in the APEX folder TraderCategoriesAPEX.hpp. The result are blank lines. To remove most of those blank spaces, just comment out the folders you aren't using. I'll post a snip of my file for you to use as an example. Note that the mods I'm currently using are CUP, RHS, NIA, TRYK*, and all DLC. [* = It's important to note that the mod formerly known as TRYK's is now simply Multi-play Uniforms. Classnames are also quite different from the current Steam version.]
  12. Ninja2dan

    Floating player names/icons (group only/all)

    The problem has been reported in the past, but nobody has posted a stable fix for the problem. This problem is you can only see the names of players that were signed in before you. Anyone else that joins after will not show their names to you. Essentially, the only way to see everyone else's names is to relog and be the last one to join.
  13. I'm still having the problem of uniforms from addons being deleted after revive. I know there are quite a few people that now how to fix this, is anyone willing to share the solution?
  14. Ninja2dan

    [SOLVED] Looking for "remove item" script

    Works perfectly. Awesomesauce
  15. Ninja2dan

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    The version that was posted by tinboye uses a single helipad type (empty) for all vehicle classes, which I think is the "invisible" helipad. If that's correct, you can place down any style of helipad you want, then place the empty style over the top of it. If you're wanting each class to spawn on a specific pad type because your traders are close to each other, the version of the script I was provided does use different types of helipad for each vehicle class.
  16. Ninja2dan

    [SOLVED] Looking for "remove item" script

    So instead of placing something (object, logic, etc) at the center of where I need objects cleared, I just copy and paste their coord into that script. And I don't have an init.sqf, just the local/server files. Does that mean I need to create the init.sqf to place into the mission folder?
  17. Ninja2dan

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Got it working after finding where the data was saved locally. Deleting the user profile and joining the server got the status bar working, although if you mess around with it too much it goes full retard. When that happens, I just reconnect without saving the changes, and it's restored.
  18. Ninja2dan

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Once again I reverted to the backup and started from scratch, this time using the new files and instructions. New .rpt error below: I looked in the new files, and sure enough the exad.cpp is not there, but it is in the original files as posted on the first page. I copied that file, unchanged, into the new directory. No change, all of the same errors/problems. Note that in the exad.cpp, everything is commented out, so that file currently serves no purpose at all.
  19. Ninja2dan

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Your files are quite a bit different, because you are running ExAd VG and a few other items that I'm not. Plus I'm seeing code for those features that isn't in my vanilla ExAd files, so I assume your files are modified. Unfortunately, this doesn't do me any good. EDIT: I also noticed that some of your file dates are newer, such as the exad_core.pbo and exad_dv.pbo being dates 6/24/2018 while the originals are dated 3/12/2018. In addition, you have a folder called "overwrites" when the original files and instructions have this folder named "overrides", if that makes any difference. Either way, the version you are using is NOT the same as the one available for download on the first post of this topic. I have completely restored my server to the pre-ExAd state and reinstalled it again from scratch. Still having both of the same problems mentioned above; font error, with the status bar settings not showing any fonts as selectable; and the .rpt keeps spamming that script error. Status bar is not showing up, but the ExAd watermark on top-left of screen does show up. I was able to install Kuplion's status bar and it worked fine, but (no offense kuplion) it's not the one I want on my server. I like the exad version, especially the option for each player to modify it. Whatever the problem is, it appears to be something in the files provided for exad.
  20. Ninja2dan

    ExAd v1.0.4

    I'm having some trouble with ExAd. I have followed the steps correctly, redoing everything 3 times now. But I'm getting an error in my .rpt. When I do connect, I also get a "font" error, which I assume is part of the statusbar. Font error All XM8 buttons are there, all apps are working, spawning quad works, etc. But there is no status bar at all, even after trying to adjust the status bar settings. I'll post the error below: As you can see, this error keeps popping up in the .rpt until the server is shut down. I looked for the file that is mentioned, and it's in the default exile_server.pbo that came with Exile. That file hasn't been unpacked or modified, so I'm not sure why this error is popping up. Any ideas?
  21. Ninja2dan

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    That would be totally f-in awesome if you could get the RHS stuff separated into different categories, where all weapons and vehicles are split based on their parent mod (AFRF, USAF, GREF, etc). I am curious though, are these folders having ALL items from those mods listed? Or is it just a few weapons/vehicles/items? I would much rather have everything listed, and having the option of commenting out the stuff I don't want on my trader, than having to go find the classnames of stuff that wasn't added because someone else thought it wasn't cool or whatever.
  22. Ninja2dan

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    I'm a little confused about why the format in the original Exile files is completely different from the format being used to generate the same files using the current plug-ins. Yes, I'm using the "Save initServer.sqf" (and initLocal) option under the Exile tab up top, not the "Export Objects/Traders" option under M3Editor tab. The format found from the M3Editor export function actually appears to be closer to the format found in the files that unpacked with the Exile mod server files. I'm assuming that any files created using the current plug-in, even if the format is different, should still work correctly?
  23. Ninja2dan

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Does anyone have this updated for the latest CUP/RHS/NIA? I"m also not seeing any instructions on how to modify the settings, in order to remove certain items that have been added. Do I just comment out the portions in the ItemListxxx.hpp, or do I also need to comment those items out on the TraderCategoriesxxx.hpp as well?
  24. Ninja2dan

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    Does anyone know how to load an existing mission into the editor so it can be edited? For example, you spend 8 hours placing all of your traders, static objects, markers, etc. and export them, only to later find out that something is placed incorrectly. I am able to load the mission up, but from the editor itself I do not see any of the objects. If I place a player character and click Play, I can then see the static objects and markers, but not the trader AI. Go back to the editor, and everything is gone again, making it impossible to easily move an object. My current "solution" is to place each trader and its associated display objects as separate groups, and when copying the objects to the correct file I add a comment line first that informs which trader they belong to. This way, if I find a trader is messed up, I can delete the items for just that specific trader and start again. But it would be so much easier if I could just load those items so that they are visible in the editor and adjust the positions of a few items, as opposed to clearing everything out and starting over again.
  25. I'm not expert in scripting, but to my knowledge you need to check the values in both "service_point.sqf" and "service_point_rearm.sqf" for max magazine counts. The following is from the first script: //====================== rearm settings _rearm_enable = true; // enable or disable the rearm option //deny re-arm if more than this amount of current weapons magazines already in the vehicle _deny_already_armed_with = 4; //deny re-arm if more than this amount of magazines already in the vehicle _GlobalMagazineMAX = 4; And the following is from the second (rearm) script: if(_type isKindOf "Air") then { _ammoMAX = 1; _ammoMIN = 2; } else { _ammoMAX = _weapon select 3; _ammoMIN = _weapon select 4; As you can see, in "service_point_rearm.sqf" there is a spot that defines a max for air vehicles and a different max for ground vehicles. I would try raising the value for aircraft in the rearm script to match the value for ground vehicles.